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Risk Manager
A person who manages risk of trades in a portfolio by hedging their trades.
R squared
R-squared ranges from 0 to 100 and reflects the percentage of a fund's movements that are explained by movements in its benchmark index. An R-squared of 100 means that all movements of a fund are completely explained by movements in the index. Thus, index funds that invest only in S&P 500 stocks will have an R-squared very close to 100. Conversely, a low R-squared indicates that very few of the fund's movements are explained by movements in its benchmark index. An R-squared measure of 35, for example, means that only 35% of the fund's movements can be explained by movements in its benchmark index. Therefore, R-squared can be used to ascertain the significance of a particular beta or alpha. Generally, a higher R-squared will indicate a more useful beta figure. If the R-squared is lower, then the beta is less relevant to the fund's performance.
An upward movement of prices following a decline. Opposite of recovery. Related: Recovery
The high and low prices, or high and low bids and offers recorded during a specified time.
Rate anticipation swaps
An exchange of bonds in a portfolio for new bonds that will achieve the target portfolio duration, based on the investor's assumptions about future changes in interest rates.
Ratio Backspread
A delta neutral spread where an uneven amount of contracts are bought and sold with a ratio less than 2 to 3. Optimally no net credit or net debit occurs.
Ratio Call Spread
A bearish or stable strategy in which a trader buys 2 higher strike calls and sell1 lower strike call. This strategy offers limited risk and unlimited profit potential.
Ratio Put Spread
A bullish or stable strategy ion which a trader buys 1 higher strike put and sells two lower strike puts. This strategy offers limited risk and unlimited profit potential.
A decline in prices following an advance. Opposite of rally. Related: Rally
Real Estate Fund
A fund that invests primarily in stocks of companies that participate in the real estate industry, such as mortgages and real estate investment trusts, but not real estate itself.
Real Return
The actual return earned on an investment after factoring in the rate of inflation.
Data received from a quote service as the prices change.
Record Date
The date on which a shareholder must officially own a stock's shares in order to receive a company's declared dividend or to vote on company issues.
To cash in shares by selling them back to the mutual fund. Mutual fund shares are redeemable on any business day.
Redemption Fee
A fee charged by some funds when shares are sold (redeemed).
Redemption Price
The price at which a mutual fund's shares are redeemed (bought back) by the fund. The value of the shares depends on the market value of the fund's portfolio of securities at the time. This value is the same as "net asset value per share." In the newspaper, this amount is shown as the "bid" price.
Reference rate
A benchmark interest rate (such as LMOR), used to specify conditions of an interest rate swap or an interest rate agreement.
The redemption of a bond with proceeds received from issuing lower-cost debt obligations ranking equal to or superior to the debt to be redeemed.
Registered representative
A person registered with the CFTC who is employed by, and soliciting business for, a commission house or futures commission merchant. Related: CFTC, Futures commission merchant
Reinstatement Privilege
A shareholder who redeems fund shares, and then changes his or her mind, may have a onetime privilege of reinstating the investment by investing the proceeds of the redemption at net asset value (with no sales charge). There is generally a 30-day time limit for this service.
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