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Purchase and sale statement. A statement provided by the broker showing change in the customer's net ledger balance after the offset of a previously established position(s).
Pacific Basin Fund
A fund that invests primarily in the stocks of companies located in the Pacific Basin, which includes Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Taiwan.
Pacific Ex Japan Funds
A fund that invests primarily in the stocks of companies whose primary trading markets or operations are concentrated in the Pacific region (including Asian countries), and which specifically does not invest in Japan.
Paper Trading
The ability to simulate a trade without actually putting up the money for the purpose of gaining additional trading experience.
Par value
Also called the maturity value or face value, the amount that the issuer agrees to pay at the maturity date.
Parallel shift in the yield curve
A shift in the yield curve in which the exchange in the yield on all maturities is the same number of basis points. Related: Non-parallel shift in the yield curve
Parity value
Related: Conversion value
Passive management
A market strategy that involves selecting a benchmark index to assure investment performance is the same as the underlying index. Passive investing assures that an investor will not underperform (or outperform) a market index. Passive management is opposite of active management.
Passive portfolio strategy
A strategy that involves minimal expectational input, and instead relies on diversification to match the performance of some market index. A passive strategy assumes that the marketplace will reflect all available information in the price paid for securities. Related: Active portfolio strategy
Payment Date
The day on which a mutual fund pays income dividend or capital gains distributions to its shareholders.
Penalty Plan
A mutual fund accumulation plan in which sales fees for the entire obligation are deducted from shares purchased in the first few years that the plan is in effect. In the event that the investors redeem the shares after a short time, only a small portion of the purchase price will be refunded. Sales charges and penalty plans are regulated by the Investment Company Amendments Act of 1970.
Perceived Risk
The theoretical risk of a trade in a specific time frame.
Perfect hedge
A hedge in which the profit and loss are equal.
A measure of how well a fund is doing. Two commonly used mutual fund performance measures are yield (which measures dividends) and total return (which measures dividends plus changes in net asset value).
Performance attribution analysis
The decomposition of a money manager's performance results to explain the reasons why those results were achieved. This analysis seeks to answer the following questions: (1) What were the major sources of added value? (2) Was short-term factor timing statistically significant? (3) Was market timing statistically significant? and (4) Was security selection statistically significant?
Performance Based
A system of compensation in which a broker receives fees based on their performance in the marketplace
Performance drag
A reduction of portfolio performance due to various factors. An example of performance drag occurs when gains within a portfolio are offset by various expenses, such as management fees, transaction costs, research costs, etc. These expenses create a drag or negative effect on the portfolio's performance.
Periodic Payment Plan
A plan in which an investor agrees to make monthly or quarterly investments in a mutual fund as a method of accumulating shares over a period of years. Fixed periodic contributions result in dollar cost averaging.
Perpetual warrants
Warrants that have no expiration date.
A specific area of the trading floor that is designated for the trading of an individual futures or options contract.
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