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Latest Currencies Articles

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09/23/2019 GBPUSD Sets Up To Pullback Further On Price Extension Mohammed Isah
09/23/2019 Flight to Quality Vehicles Advance Alan Bush
09/23/2019 Daily Technical Spotlight - December U.S. Treasury Bonds Rosenthal Collins Group
09/23/2019 Elliott Wave Cycles Suggests Strong CHF Gregor Horvat
09/23/2019 EUR/USD, will continue downtrend below 1.0967 with target on 1.0926 Anton Kolhanov
09/23/2019 US futures gain on US-China trade deal optimism, as Fed continues pumping cash in. Ipek Ozkardeskaya
09/21/2019 EURGBP Retains Downside Pressure With Eyes On 0.8723 Area Mohammed Isah
09/21/2019 Algo Trading System Euro Currency Report For 9/23/2019 Kevin J. Davey
09/20/2019 AUDUSD Threatens Further Weakness Towards The 0.6700 Zone Mohammed Isah
09/20/2019 China Lowers Interest Rates Alan Bush
09/20/2019 Head&Shoulder Formation on USDNOK Points Lower! (Elliott Wave) Gregor Horvat
09/20/2019 EUR/USD, uptrend to 1.1073 while trading above 1.1029 Anton Kolhanov
09/20/2019 Mixed sentiment on OECD warning, Mid-East tensions and squeezed US liquidity Ipek Ozkardeskaya
09/20/2019 EURO STOXX 50 Bull Theme Steve Miley
09/19/2019 Algo Trading System Euro Currency Report For 9/20/2019 Kevin J. Davey
09/19/2019 GBPUSD Triggers Short Term Uptrend Mohammed Isah
09/19/2019 Daily Technical Spotlight - December Euro Currency Rosenthal Collins Group
09/19/2019 Fed Chair Powell Hints at Balance Sheet Expansion Alan Bush
09/19/2019 Fed Lower Rates. The Nemenoff Report 09/19/19 Marc Nemenoff
09/19/2019 Equities trade with moderate enthusiasm, as Fed and BoJ leave investors yearning for more. BoE and SNB to stay pat, as well. Ipek Ozkardeskaya
09/18/2019 Algo Trading System Euro Currency Report For 9/19/2019 Kevin J. Davey
09/18/2019 GBPJPY Looks To Resume Short Term Uptrend Mohammed Isah
09/18/2019 EURGBP In For A Bullish Turn? (Elliott Wave) Gregor Horvat
09/18/2019 OMC Statement at 1:00 and Press Conference at 1:30 Alan Bush
09/18/2019 Algo Trading System Euro Currency Report For 9/18/2019 Kevin J. Davey
09/18/2019 Markets expect the Fed to act beyond the fed funds rate amid repo crisis Ipek Ozkardeskaya
09/17/2019 USDJPY Risk Continues To Point Higher On Further Price Strength Mohammed Isah
09/17/2019 USDJPY and S&P500 Looking Lower?! - Elliott Wave Gregor Horvat
09/17/2019 U.S. Capacity Utilization and Industrial Production Better than Expected Alan Bush
09/17/2019 EUR/USD, continue downtrend to 1.0967 while trading below 1.1020 Anton Kolhanov
09/17/2019 S&P 500 E-Mini Upside Risks Intact Steve Miley
09/17/2019 Pound traders watch Supreme Court hearing against Parliament suspension. Ipek Ozkardeskaya
09/16/2019 Elliott Wave View: Short Term Strength in Bitcoin ElliottWave-Forecast
09/16/2019 Algo Trading System Euro Currency Report For 9/17/2019 Kevin J. Davey
09/16/2019 FX Rundown - Blue Line Futures Bill Baruch
09/16/2019 NZDUSD Risk Remains Lower On More Decline Mohammed Isah
09/16/2019 Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities Brings in Flight to Quality Buying Alan Bush
09/16/2019 EUR/USD, correction to 1.1009 while trading below 1.1092 Anton Kolhanov
09/16/2019 Oil prices jump on Saudi attacks, equity futures fall and gold gains Ipek Ozkardeskaya
09/15/2019 GOLD Remains Vulnerable With Further Decline Expected Mohammed Isah

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