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Latest Articles by Steve Bruce

Date Title Author
09/13/2019 It's That Time of Year Steve Bruce
09/12/2019 Undercurrent Steve Bruce
09/10/2019 Position Squaring Steve Bruce
09/09/2019 Regroup Steve Bruce
09/05/2019 Down the Rabbit Hole Steve Bruce
09/04/2019 Getting Lucky? Steve Bruce
09/03/2019 Doldrums Steve Bruce
08/30/2019 Reality Check! Steve Bruce
08/29/2019 Twilight Zone Steve Bruce
08/28/2019 Hot Potato Steve Bruce
08/27/2019 As the World Turns Steve Bruce
08/26/2019 Agreement Soon? Steve Bruce
08/23/2019 Plausible Deniability Steve Bruce
08/22/2019 Lull Steve Bruce
08/21/2019 Complacency Steve Bruce
08/20/2019 Pattern Shift? Steve Bruce
08/19/2019 Home Stretch Steve Bruce
08/16/2019 Storage Rate Increases Steve Bruce
08/15/2019 A New Normal? Steve Bruce
08/14/2019 September Deliveries Steve Bruce
08/13/2019 All is Well Steve Bruce
08/12/2019 Plausible Deniability Steve Bruce
08/07/2019 Countdown to Reports/Deliveries Steve Bruce
08/06/2019 Reconnecting Steve Bruce
08/05/2019 Lack of Weather Worries, For Now! Steve Bruce
08/02/2019 Looking for Demand/World Events Steve Bruce
08/01/2019 World Events and Weather Steve Bruce
07/31/2019 Before/After the Report Steve Bruce
07/30/2019 Bulls Need To Be Fed Everyday Steve Bruce
07/29/2019 No One Knows! Steve Bruce
07/26/2019 No Urgency Steve Bruce
07/25/2019 Depends........... Steve Bruce
07/24/2019 Middle of the Race Steve Bruce
07/23/2019 Less Filling/Tastes Great Steve Bruce
07/22/2019 How Much Time Left on the Clock? Steve Bruce
07/22/2019 Anxiously Waiting Steve Bruce
07/19/2019 Level Heads Steve Bruce
07/17/2019 Numb Steve Bruce
07/17/2019 Surviving the Heat Steve Bruce
07/16/2019 Prudence Steve Bruce

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