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Latest Articles by Chris Vermeulen

Date Title Author
07/19/2019 Gold and US Stock Election and Decade Cycles Chris Vermeulen
07/17/2019 Double Top In Transportation and Metals Breakout Are Key Topping Signals Chris Vermeulen
07/16/2019 Financial Crisis Bear Market Is Scary Close Chris Vermeulen
07/15/2019 NQ Should Reach 8031 Before Topping Chris Vermeulen
07/15/2019 Earnings may surprise the stock market, Watch Out Chris Vermeulen
07/15/2019 Mid-August Is A Critical Turning Point For US Stocks Chris Vermeulen
07/11/2019 Major Index Top In 3 to 5 Weeks? Chris Vermeulen
07/11/2019 Major Index Top In 3 to 5 Weeks? Chris Vermeulen
07/11/2019 Predictive Modeling Suggest Oil Headed Much Lower Chris Vermeulen
07/09/2019 US Dollar Strength Will Drive Markets Higher Chris Vermeulen
07/08/2019 Stock Market Cycle Top and Fearless Vix Signal Turning Point Chris Vermeulen
07/08/2019 PART III Debt Crisis To Be Reborn In 2020 Chris Vermeulen
07/08/2019 PART II Is The Debt Crisis About To Be Reborn In 2020? Chris Vermeulen
07/08/2019 Is The Debt Crisis About To Be Reborn In 2020? Chris Vermeulen
07/05/2019 The Long and Short Plays For Gold Traders Chris Vermeulen
07/05/2019 Palladium Sets Up Another Double Top Pattern Chris Vermeulen
07/03/2019 Crude Oil Pummeled, Where Is It Going Next? Chris Vermeulen
07/02/2019 Transportation Index Warns Of Trouble Ahead? Chris Vermeulen
07/02/2019 G20 News Drive Big Moves In The Markets Chris Vermeulen
07/02/2019 Part II Are Real Estate ETF's The Next Big Trade? Chris Vermeulen
07/02/2019 Are Real Estate ETF's The Next Big Trade? Chris Vermeulen
06/28/2019 Platinum Setting Up For A Big Price Anomaly Chris Vermeulen
06/27/2019 Silver Will Pause Before Going Higher Chris Vermeulen
06/26/2019 Natural Gas Sets Up Bottom Pattern Chris Vermeulen
06/25/2019 Next Bull and Bear Markets are Now Set Up Chris Vermeulen
06/24/2019 How To Time Market Tops and Bottoms Chris Vermeulen
06/21/2019 Summer is Breaking Out and so is Gold, Weekly Wrap Up Chris Vermeulen
06/20/2019 Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged, Gold & Stocks Rally/Dollar Falls Chris Vermeulen
06/20/2019 Small Caps May Lead A Market Rally Chris Vermeulen
06/19/2019 US Dollar Rallies Off Support But Is This A Top Or Bottom? Chris Vermeulen
06/18/2019 Fed May Trigger Wild Swing In Index and Metals Chris Vermeulen
06/17/2019 Investors are confident, bullish and buying stocks, but is there more? Chris Vermeulen
06/17/2019 Index Prediction System Is Telling Us A Very Different Story Chris Vermeulen
06/16/2019 King Dollar Rides Higher Creating Pressures On Foreign Economies Chris Vermeulen
06/16/2019 ADL Predicts Expected Range Of The NASDAQ Before Breakout Chris Vermeulen
06/14/2019 Precious Metals T Minus 3 Seconds To Liftoff Chris Vermeulen
06/13/2019 US Stock Market Setting Up A Pennant Formation Chris Vermeulen
06/12/2019 Technical Analysis Shows Aug and Sept Market Top Pattern Should Form Chris Vermeulen
06/11/2019 Natural Gas Moves Into Basing Zone Chris Vermeulen
06/10/2019 US Markets Rally Hard, Could Another Big Upside Leg Begin? Chris Vermeulen

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