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Latest Articles by Chris Vermeulen

Date Title Author
10/25/2020 Stocks Are Strong but Be Aware of This Continuing Pattern Chris Vermeulen
10/25/2020 Latest Gold, Silver and Platinum Analysis Chris Vermeulen
10/23/2020 Technical Traders and Marketgauge Talk Stimulus on Boom Bust Chris Vermeulen
10/22/2020 Kitco News Reviews Forecasts of GDXJ, Gold, and the SP500 Chris Vermeulen
10/21/2020 Sprott Money News Ask the Expert Speaks With Chris Vermeulen Chris Vermeulen
10/20/2020 A Wall of Worry Provides a Great Buying Opportunity for NFLX and SNAP Chris Vermeulen
10/19/2020 NQ Retests 11,735 Support Chris Vermeulen
10/18/2020 Doji Clusters Show Clear Support Ranges on the S&P500 Chris Vermeulen
10/18/2020 This Week in Money Chris Vermeulen
10/16/2020 Stepping Gap Patterns May Suggest Upside Breakout Pending in Natural Gas/UNG Chris Vermeulen
10/16/2020 Crude Oil Stalls in Resistance Zone Chris Vermeulen
10/14/2020 Financial (XLF) and Banking (KRE) Sectors Enter Full Blown Bear Market Chris Vermeulen
10/14/2020 Commodity Bull Market Cycle Starts With Euro and Dollar Trend Changes Chris Vermeulen
10/12/2020 Gold and Silver Ready for Another Rally Attempt Chris Vermeulen
10/12/2020 Huge Money to Be Made in Commodities Over Next Five to Eight Years Chris Vermeulen
10/09/2020 SPY Retesting Critical Resistance From Fibonacci Price Amplitude Arc Chris Vermeulen
10/09/2020 Financial Survival Network Interview About Energy, Gold, and the Dollar Chris Vermeulen
10/08/2020 COVID 19 Has Pushed Various Sectors Into Positive Recovery Trends Chris Vermeulen
10/08/2020 Expect the Continuation of a Choppy Volatile Market Throughout the Election Chris Vermeulen
10/08/2020 Chris Joins Boom Bust Panel to Discuss Impact of Powell and Trump Comments on Economic Stimulus Chris Vermeulen
10/07/2020 The Best and Worst Performing Sectors Are in Energy, Is It Just a Trade or a Long Term Trend? Chris Vermeulen
10/06/2020 Long-Term Price Expectations for Silver Chris Vermeulen
10/05/2020 SPY ETF Testing March Price Peak, What Do the Charts Say? Chris Vermeulen
10/04/2020 Long Term Cycles Suggest a Stock Price Reversion Is Pending & Gold Is About to Explode Higher Chris Vermeulen
10/04/2020 Stacking Stormtrooper Talks With Chris About Stacking Silver Chris Vermeulen
10/04/2020 Our Custom Index Charts Suggest Downside Flagging Is Setting up in the US Stock Market Chris Vermeulen
10/01/2020 Massive Dark Cloud Cover Pattern Is Above Critical Support, Will It Hold? Chris Vermeulen
09/30/2020 Rick Rule of Sprott US Talks Resources and Precious Metals With the Technical Traders Chris Vermeulen
09/29/2020 Chris and Nicole Petallides Explore Investor Sentiment Chris Vermeulen
09/29/2020 Cycle Analysis and Projected Price Over Next 15 Days Chris Vermeulen
09/29/2020 Oversold Bounce and Volatility (or Lack Thereof) Could Mean Big Changes Coming Chris Vermeulen
09/28/2020 Gold and Silver Follow up & Future Predictions for 2020 & 2021 Part II Chris Vermeulen
09/27/2020 Gold & Silver Follow up: Future Predictions for 2020 & 2021 Part I Chris Vermeulen
09/25/2020 Is the Transportation Index Setting up a Topping Pattern? Chris Vermeulen
09/24/2020 Research From a Recent Silverfest Conference Chris Vermeulen
09/24/2020 Chris Speaks With Crush the Street Chris Vermeulen
09/23/2020 Gold Setting up Just Like Before the COVID 19 Breakdown, Get Ready Chris Vermeulen
09/22/2020 How to Decipher Recent Market Activity Chris Vermeulen
09/21/2020 Global Markets Break Hard to the Downside, Watch Support Levels Chris Vermeulen
09/21/2020 Markets Are at Critical 50-Day SMA Chris Vermeulen

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