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Latest Articles by Chris Vermeulen

Date Title Author
04/08/2020 Adaptive Fibonacci Suggests A Deeper Bottom Will Setup Chris Vermeulen
04/07/2020 Is Natural Gas Ready For An April Rally Chris Vermeulen
04/06/2020 Two Leading Indicators for Crude Oil Point To Higher Prices Chris Vermeulen
04/06/2020 Precious Metals Are About To Reset Like In 2008, Gold Bugs, Buckle Up! Chris Vermeulen
04/06/2020 Kevin O'leary and Chris Vermeulen on TraderTV Talking Economy & Markets Chris Vermeulen
04/02/2020 Concerned That Asia Could Blow A Hole In Future Economic Recovery Chris Vermeulen
04/01/2020 Are Equities Likely To Rally? Chris Vermeulen
04/01/2020 Weakness Appears To Be Setting For This Week's Economic Data Chris Vermeulen
04/01/2020 The Selloff Structure Explained, Fibonacci On Deck Chris Vermeulen
03/30/2020 Three Charts Every Trader and Investor Must See Chris Vermeulen
03/30/2020 Is Silver And Gold Mirroring 1999 to 2011 Again? Chris Vermeulen
03/27/2020 These Index Charts Will Calm You Down Chris Vermeulen
03/26/2020 Virus Curve, Market Crash, and Mortgage Massacre Chris Vermeulen
03/25/2020 Market Wrap Technical Take with Moe & Chris, Audio Chris Vermeulen
03/25/2020 Chris Featured on TD Ameritrade TV, Safe Plays During Slowdowns Chris Vermeulen
03/25/2020 When To Get Aggressive With Your Portfolio And Gold Vs Gold Stocks Chris Vermeulen
03/24/2020 Reality Check on Trading Equities & Precious Metals Chris Vermeulen
03/24/2020 Part II We Are Concerned About The Real Estate Market Chris Vermeulen
03/23/2020 Concerned About The Real Estate Market? Us Too! Chris Vermeulen
03/20/2020 Cash Is King, Not Gold, Not Bonds Chris Vermeulen
03/18/2020 Four Key Questions To This Crisis Everyone is Asking Chris Vermeulen
03/18/2020 Market Volatility, Safe Havens, Gold, Crude Oil Chris Vermeulen
03/17/2020 Part III, Crunching Some Numbers, Virus, Market Crash, Rate Cuts Chris Vermeulen
03/17/2020 Crunching Some Numbers, Our Researchers Share Their Data, Part II Chris Vermeulen
03/16/2020 Crunching Some Numbers, Our Researchers Share Their Data, Part I Chris Vermeulen
03/16/2020 Where's the Bottom? Cycles Paint A Clear Picture Chris Vermeulen
03/16/2020 Is This A Bear Market When Stocks Crash 20% and Bonds Spike 30% Chris Vermeulen
03/11/2020 Revisiting Our July 2019 Crude Oil Predictions & 2020 Forecast Chris Vermeulen
03/10/2020 Why You May Want to Avoid Buying Options This Week Chris Vermeulen
03/09/2020 Fear Reaches A Level Seen Only 4 Times Since 2008 Signature Pattern Chris Vermeulen
03/09/2020 Have We Seen The Peak In The VIX? Chris Vermeulen
03/09/2020 Emergency Technical Traders Market Crash Update and Video Analysis Chris Vermeulen
03/06/2020 TLT Trade of the Year and What Is Next! Chris Vermeulen
03/05/2020 US Fed Panics, Predictive Modeling Shows You What's Next Chris Vermeulen
03/04/2020 Stock Market & Flu Breakdown Metrics, Where's The Bottom? Chris Vermeulen
03/02/2020 Gold Sets Up For Another Massive Move Higher Chris Vermeulen
02/28/2020 Is This A Repeat of February 2018 Market Crash? Chris Vermeulen
02/27/2020 SPY Breaks Below Fibonacci Bearish Trigger Level Chris Vermeulen
02/25/2020 Has the Equities Waterfall Event Started Or A Buying Opportunity? Chris Vermeulen
02/24/2020 Yield Curve Patterns, What To Expect In 2020 Chris Vermeulen

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