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Latest Articles by Chris Vermeulen

Date Title Author
11/15/2019 What happens To The Global Economy If Oil Collapses, Part 3 Chris Vermeulen
11/14/2019 What happens To The Global Economy If Oil Collapses, Part 2 Chris Vermeulen
11/13/2019 What happens To The Global Economy If Oil Collapses Below $40, Part I Chris Vermeulen
11/13/2019 How To Use Price Cycles And Profit As A Swing Trader SPX, Bonds, Gold, Nat Gas Chris Vermeulen
11/12/2019 Welcome To The Zombie Land Of Investing, Part 2 Chris Vermeulen
11/11/2019 Welcome To The Zombie Land Of Investing, Part 1 Chris Vermeulen
11/07/2019 Where is the top for natural gas Chris Vermeulen
11/04/2019 Nat Gas, Crude Oil, Fed Rate Cut Chris Vermeulen
11/04/2019 Warning Credit Delinquencies To Skyrocket In Q4 Chris Vermeulen
11/01/2019 Metals Beginning Another Rally Attempt? Chris Vermeulen
10/30/2019 Long Term Predictive Software Suggests Volatility May Surge Chris Vermeulen
10/29/2019 Nominal New Highs Reached, Skilled Traders Should Still Be Cautious Chris Vermeulen
10/25/2019 The Divergence of Gold And Bitcoin, Which Represents A True Safe-Haven? Chris Vermeulen
10/23/2019 US Markets Roll Over On Earnings and Economic Data At Channel Highs Chris Vermeulen
10/23/2019 Indexes Struggle and TRAN Chart suggests a possible top Chris Vermeulen
10/21/2019 Black Monday 1987 vs 2019, Part II Chris Vermeulen
10/21/2019 Revisiting Black Monday, 1987, October 19, Part 1 Chris Vermeulen
10/21/2019 Treasuries Pause Near Resistance Before The Next Rally Chris Vermeulen
10/21/2019 Did The Move Into Safe Haven Assets Get Too Extended? Chris Vermeulen
10/20/2019 Currencies Show A Shift to Safety And Maturity, What Does It Mean? Chris Vermeulen
10/19/2019 Weekly SPX & Gold Price Cycle Report Chris Vermeulen
10/16/2019 Gold Cycle Forecast Signals Bottom Is Near Chris Vermeulen
10/14/2019 US Major Indexes Retest Critical Price Channel Resistance Chris Vermeulen
10/11/2019 Gold Gifts Traders With Another Rotation Below $1500 Chris Vermeulen
10/11/2019 Lots of Upside Ahead for the Metals and Miners - Audio Chris Vermeulen
10/10/2019 Stock Market Reaches Pivot Point With Trader Chris Vermeulen
10/10/2019 Metals And VIX Are Set To Launch Dramatically Higher Chris Vermeulen
10/08/2019 US Stock Markets Trade Sideways, Waiting On News And Guidance Chris Vermeulen
10/07/2019 ERY Rallies Over 35% After Our Call To "Start Looking For The Next Move" Chris Vermeulen
10/07/2019 Natural Gas Reloads For Another Price Rally Chris Vermeulen
10/04/2019 The Russell and Transportation Tell A Completely Different Story Chris Vermeulen
10/04/2019 ADL Predicts Oil Prices Will Fall Below $40 Chris Vermeulen
10/03/2019 Dow Jones May Have Already Bottomed But SP500 & Nasdaq Have Further To Go Chris Vermeulen
10/03/2019 Oil, Precious Metals, And US Market, All With Very Different Trends Chris Vermeulen
10/02/2019 Downside Price Rotation Dominates After Manufacturing Data Chris Vermeulen
10/01/2019 S&P 500 and GDXJ Trend Signals Posted Today Chris Vermeulen
10/01/2019 Predictive Modeling Suggests Broad Market Rotation In The NQ And ES Chris Vermeulen
09/30/2019 Fibonacci Predictive Modeling Suggests Price Volatility Will Continue Chris Vermeulen
09/27/2019 Bitcoin Price Collapse Continue For Many Months Chris Vermeulen
09/27/2019 Recorded conversation with analyst on Gold, Silver, Crude Oil AUDIO Chris Vermeulen

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