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Latest Articles by Bob Iaccino

Date Title Author
03/29/2019 Russia Matters More Than Tweets Bob Iaccino
03/25/2019 A New Weight on Equity Markets Bob Iaccino
03/22/2019 U.S. China Trade Deal feels like a Camera Trick Bob Iaccino
03/18/2019 Central Bank Week Bob Iaccino
03/08/2019 Keep an Eye on Refinery Utilization Bob Iaccino
03/01/2019 Who’s Afraid Of the Big Bad Debt Bob Iaccino
02/25/2019 The Week Ahead Bob Iaccino
02/22/2019 Trade Deal May Be Close Bob Iaccino
02/15/2019 President Xi Talks Progress Bob Iaccino
02/11/2019 Top 3 Trade Opportunities Bob Iaccino
02/04/2019 The Polar Vortex Event Makes for Confusing Commodity Trading Bob Iaccino
02/01/2019 Powell Takes the Hikes Away, Your Move Mr. President Bob Iaccino
01/28/2019 The Avalanche of Shutdown Data Bob Iaccino
01/18/2019 Gold Update (Golden Cross) Bob Iaccino
01/14/2019 It May Not Be Just OPEC and Russia That is Cutting Production Bob Iaccino
01/11/2019 Copper is Not YET Confirming the Positive Vibes Bob Iaccino
01/07/2019 Non-Farm and Powell Bring Hope Bob Iaccino
01/04/2019 Polar Vortex Could Cause Natural Gas Prices to Spike Again Bob Iaccino
12/31/2018 A Critical Week for Crude Oil Bob Iaccino
12/28/2018 Gold and the Black Swan Bob Iaccino
12/21/2018 As Predicted, The Fed Wasn’t Enough Bob Iaccino
12/17/2018 Stocks are Bracing For a Bullish Fed Bob Iaccino
12/14/2018 Gold May is a Low Risk Buy Bob Iaccino
12/14/2018 Gold May Be Potentially a Low Risk Buy Bob Iaccino
12/10/2018 A Weaker OPEC Announces Production Cut Bob Iaccino
12/07/2018 Jobs Number Weaker and That’s Good Bob Iaccino
12/03/2018 Truce!!!! Bob Iaccino
11/26/2018 Seasonal Gold Play Bob Iaccino
11/23/2018 Copper in Focus Bob Iaccino
11/16/2018 Crude Oil Update Bob Iaccino
11/12/2018 This Time Earnings Were Different Bob Iaccino
11/05/2018 The Mid-Terms Bob Iaccino
11/02/2018 Bear Market Close For Crude Oil Bob Iaccino
10/29/2018 Last Week’s Selloff Was Not Completely About Fundamentals Bob Iaccino
10/26/2018 So Was That It? Bob Iaccino
10/22/2018 Costs for Shale Could Slow Production Bob Iaccino
10/19/2018 China Economic Weakness Deepens Bob Iaccino
10/15/2018 A Dizzying Array of Market Worries Bob Iaccino
10/12/2018 The Big Selloff…In Crude Oil Bob Iaccino
10/08/2018 Non-Farm Payroll Number Gives the Fed Good Cover Bob Iaccino

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