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Latest Articles by Bill Baruch

Date Title Author
04/20/2018 What to make of today's mixed bag Bill Baruch
04/19/2018 FX Rundown - Blue Line Futures Bill Baruch
04/19/2018 Stocks lower, Commodities higher? Bill Baruch
04/18/2018 Is the Dollar hanging by a thread? Bill Baruch
04/18/2018 Commodities & stocks higher, where to next? Bill Baruch
04/17/2018 Quiet failure in the Dollar Bill Baruch
04/17/2018 Do stocks hold? Fed speak ahead. Bill Baruch
04/16/2018 China GDP and more Bill Baruch
04/16/2018 Pivotal Monday for all sectors Bill Baruch
04/15/2018 Trading Syria, Earnings and China Bill Baruch
04/12/2018 Trade and Geopolitical Headwinds Bill Baruch
04/12/2018 The word of the day is: Deescalation Bill Baruch
04/11/2018 Did you know ECB Minutes in AM? Bill Baruch
04/11/2018 CPI, FOMC, Syria Bill Baruch
04/10/2018 CPI and FOMC in the Crosshairs Bill Baruch
04/10/2018 Vol continues, whats leading today's move Bill Baruch
04/09/2018 Trading currencies in this busy week Bill Baruch
04/09/2018 Trading a busy week Bill Baruch
04/08/2018 Huge Week Ahead, the Biggest Bill Baruch
04/06/2018 Trading Jobs and Powell Bill Baruch
04/05/2018 Currencies & Nonfarm Payroll Bill Baruch
04/05/2018 Today is bigger than you think Bill Baruch
04/04/2018 The week is just getting good Bill Baruch
04/04/2018 Navigating today's volatility Bill Baruch
04/03/2018 Big Movers in FX Bill Baruch
04/03/2018 Levels to watch after yesterday Bill Baruch
04/02/2018 Huge Week for FX, Bill Baruch
04/02/2018 Pivotal Week Gets Underway Bill Baruch
04/01/2018 Tradable Events this Week Bill Baruch
03/29/2018 Quarter-End, PCE and Long Weekend Bill Baruch
03/28/2018 Dollar is alive, does it last? Bill Baruch
03/28/2018 Pivot Day with End of Quarter in Mind Bill Baruch
03/26/2018 Breaking.... out? Bill Baruch
03/26/2018 Firm Start, Pivotal Day Ahead Bill Baruch
03/25/2018 Tradable Events this Week Bill Baruch
03/22/2018 Pivotal Day Tomorrow Bill Baruch
03/22/2018 Today's Playbook Bill Baruch
03/21/2018 Dollar Slaughter Bill Baruch
03/21/2018 Weak USD Boosting Ahead of Fed Bill Baruch
03/20/2018 FOMC Tomorrow Bill Baruch

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