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Latest Articles by Alan R. Palmer

Date Title Author
04/20/2018 Higher Inflation, i Rates. No way out? Macro trends Alan R. Palmer
04/18/2018 KC Wheat payments not going to Farmers in need? Alan R. Palmer
04/17/2018 Turnaround Tuesday? a few others Alan R. Palmer
04/16/2018 Cattle bottom, now day4, KCW olive victims Alan R. Palmer
04/13/2018 Meats, ticking timebomb? KC into buys Alan R. Palmer
04/12/2018 Cattle Day1 Bull Alan R. Palmer
04/11/2018 Not Bound by Law or Morality Alan R. Palmer
04/10/2018 Beans cave, KC claws back, SX-KWN Alan R. Palmer
04/09/2018 KC explodes again, FC, Alan R. Palmer
04/05/2018 Commodities storm back 4-5% 2day moves Alan R. Palmer
04/03/2018 KC explodes 5% Alan R. Palmer
03/30/2018 JBS Debacle QtrEnd Low? LC FC? Alan R. Palmer
03/28/2018 Cattle blowout, Nasd Fang failure?, list goes on. Alan R. Palmer
03/21/2018 Tariff Victims, Grain longs loaded up? Alan R. Palmer
03/14/2018 Bean bulls crushed into Month end? Alan R. Palmer
03/12/2018 KC Wheat, is break over? Alan R. Palmer
03/08/2018 Farmers hedged crop, or should have. Alan R. Palmer
03/05/2018 What's ' Hard Trade? ' Alan R. Palmer
03/01/2018 What hasn't moved 20% fast? Lumber last week? Day 2 limit down Alan R. Palmer
03/01/2018 Farmers see KC wheat explode 50c Alan R. Palmer
02/23/2018 Meal Squeeze over? Bean buck rally, Meat hedgers get ready. Alan R. Palmer
02/16/2018 Inflation Money Storms into Commodities- A Crossroads, Alan R. Palmer
02/13/2018 Soybean Meal explodes 11%, in 6 days. Inflation Dislocation? Alan R. Palmer
02/07/2018 10% moves commonplace Alan R. Palmer
02/06/2018 Re: Buckle up squared VIX 32 from 12, 4 days. Alan R. Palmer
01/30/2018 Need offer few Bil Bu. Grains, explosive it is. Alan R. Palmer
01/25/2018 Meats, Wheat, SM, KC, Hogs, Dollar bounce Alan R. Palmer
01/22/2018 Meal 10% in 6 days, Hogs toppy? Alan R. Palmer
01/18/2018 Wheat, explosive? Fear Repatriation Money, $20Tril? taxfree Alan R. Palmer
01/18/2018 US dollar, Meats, Wheat, even Corn bottomed? BO OLB Alan R. Palmer
01/12/2018 USDA- Bean shorts! Wheat 1st break, Hog top, LC Bottom Alan R. Palmer
01/05/2018 Funds buy 2 days, Pro sell 2 days Alan R. Palmer
01/03/2018 Juice- Freshly Squeezed Longs? others live Alan R. Palmer
01/03/2018 10% moves continue into 18 Alan R. Palmer
12/29/2017 Hi Balls all day Today qtr4 17'. ! Alan R. Palmer
12/28/2017 Metals- continue blast up, off olive buys, now diamond pattern up. Alan R. Palmer
12/27/2017 Lumber OLS of OLS ? 455.30 ? Alan R. Palmer
12/27/2017 5%+ Pre Year-END snapback opportunities, 8 live. Alan R. Palmer
12/22/2017 LB, Metals +5% 6day, dozen more Alan R. Palmer
12/21/2017 About 8 mkts live, pre-yrend. Alan R. Palmer

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