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Latest Articles by Alan R. Palmer

Date Title Author
10/23/2018 Dow down 500, Risk is on. Or Off? Alan R. Palmer
10/11/2018 Stocks are Fanged, CHART USDA Corn Surprise Alan R. Palmer
10/10/2018 Pre-USDA, Buy Bearish Report?, LC FC OLS, KWZ. Alan R. Palmer
10/05/2018 S C Wheat Cattle Oats Softs Stocks perk up Alan R. Palmer
10/04/2018 Managed Inflation Expectations, Bonds to Cattle Alan R. Palmer
09/28/2018 Squaring up qtr end? Alan R. Palmer
09/27/2018 QTR END Russian Roulette LC FC Grains. Alan R. Palmer
09/26/2018 Meats, Grains, Buy Notes Olive? Alan R. Palmer
09/25/2018 Qtr End LCZ, FC H Grains Alan R. Palmer
09/17/2018 Grains, Livestock Wall of Nothing? Alan R. Palmer
09/12/2018 Pre- USDA Alan R. Palmer
09/07/2018 Buy Grain Short Spu Spread? Alan R. Palmer
09/05/2018 Buy Meat, Corn Sell Spu spread? Alan R. Palmer
09/04/2018 KC- Margin better spent, Dow? Alan R. Palmer
08/31/2018 Dow August High before the? Alan R. Palmer
08/29/2018 KC Wheat neckline bounce? Alan R. Palmer
11/29/2017 What didn't just move 10%? Game on Commodities Alan R. Palmer
11/28/2017 Calm before Storm Alan R. Palmer
11/27/2017 Urban cond of mkts, psy? Alan R. Palmer
11/24/2017 Thanksgiving Friday Look back Meat move, bounce Alan R. Palmer
11/21/2017 Cattle-panic chaos day? Lumber 3rd limit down? Alan R. Palmer
11/20/2017 Harvest over, lumber, Feeder support? Alan R. Palmer
11/17/2017 Lumber, ready to pounce? Alan R. Palmer
11/16/2017 HOGS- Bottom before new highs? Wheat Alan R. Palmer
11/15/2017 Fed- Says More Inflation Good, Alan R. Palmer
11/13/2017 Feeders, LC, Hogs Bit plunge. Alan R. Palmer
11/08/2017 Assessing Social mood, Cattle breakout down? Alan R. Palmer
11/07/2017 Crude, Buy stops higher on year, Now what? Alan R. Palmer
11/06/2017 Bonds- 6th day of bounce Alan R. Palmer
11/03/2017 Lumber Cattle same pattern Alan R. Palmer
10/31/2017 Here's $300 mil, meats, lumber Alan R. Palmer
10/25/2017 Pre ECB today, Spus vertical down? 30 Bonds Alan R. Palmer
10/24/2017 Coffee- new low smidge, 123 cover? Alan R. Palmer
10/24/2017 Attn Fundamental Traders Alan R. Palmer
10/19/2017 CENTRAL BANK Trading Desks Move 330am? Alan R. Palmer
10/19/2017 Coffee perks, 123.20, pops. Alan R. Palmer
10/17/2017 Cattle- Slipping under crutial levels. Alan R. Palmer
10/13/2017 Cattle, hangs by thread Fri 13th? Alan R. Palmer
10/13/2017 A trillion, turns deluge coming? Alan R. Palmer
10/12/2017 Pre- USDA comment, Corn Wheat Alan R. Palmer

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