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Latest Articles by Karl Montevirgen

Date Title Author
05/23/2019 Swing Trading Spotlight - GWPH Karl Montevirgen
05/15/2019 A Swing Trader's Approach to Protecting Profits Prior to Earnings (ISRG) Karl Montevirgen
05/08/2019 Exploiting Multiple Swing Trade Entries, Long or Short (VFF) Karl Montevirgen
04/29/2019 Swing Trading an Earnings Report (Twitter) Karl Montevirgen
04/23/2019 Technical Swing Trading Spotlight - ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF (MJ) 4.23.19 Karl Montevirgen
04/17/2019 How to Read a Basic Line Chart Karl Montevirgen
04/15/2019 Hedging Your Index ETFs with the New CME Micro Emini Futures Karl Montevirgen
04/12/2019 Capturing Meaningful Market Moves with the Micro Emini Futures Karl Montevirgen
04/05/2019 Technical Swing Trading Spotlight - ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF (MJ) 4.5.19 Karl Montevirgen
03/28/2019 The Inverted Yield Curve - A Simple Guide for the Perplexed Karl Montevirgen
03/28/2019 Technical Swing Trading Spotlight - ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF (MJ) Karl Montevirgen
03/26/2019 Technical Swing Trading Spotlight - Cybersecurity ETFs CIBR and HACK Karl Montevirgen
03/14/2019 Technical Swing Trading Spotlight - Global X Internet of Things ETF (SNSR) Karl Montevirgen
03/13/2019 Technical Swing Trading Spotlight - MJ Fund ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF Karl Montevirgen
03/12/2019 Technical Swing Trading Spotlight - Cronos Group Karl Montevirgen
03/05/2019 The Darker Fundamentals That Cannabis Stock Investors Often Forget Karl Montevirgen
02/27/2019 Curaleaf Launches Aggressive California Expansion with a $30.5 Million Purchase Karl Montevirgen
02/25/2019 Five Cognitive Biases That Might Have Destroyed Your Trading Account Karl Montevirgen
02/22/2019 The Risks and Rewards of Early Entries and Exits (Swing Trading PSTG) Karl Montevirgen
02/21/2019 10 Potential High Profit Cannabis Stocks Plus Entry Points Karl Montevirgen
02/20/2019 How Technicals Might Have Helped You Navigate PG&E in the Absence of Fundamental Drivers Karl Montevirgen
02/18/2019 Going Tactical When a Long-Term Strategy Seems Uncertain Karl Montevirgen
02/14/2019 Do Markets Really Have a Memory? Karl Montevirgen
02/08/2019 Eliminating the Noise Trade Using Kagi Charts Karl Montevirgen
02/01/2019 A Minimalist Approach to Viewing Charts Part II Karl Montevirgen
01/29/2019 A Minimalist Approach to Viewing Price Charts Part 1 Karl Montevirgen
01/22/2019 Price Action Insights: Using Moving Averages the Right Way to Gauge Trends Karl Montevirgen
01/18/2019 A Simple Way to Identify When a Market May Be Moving Sideways Karl Montevirgen
01/09/2019 Cybersecurity Stock Swing Trade Levels 1.9.19 Karl Montevirgen
01/08/2019 Using Partial Exits and Raising Stops to Protect Swing Trade Profits Karl Montevirgen
01/04/2019 Cybersecurity Stock Swing Trade Levels 1.4.19 Karl Montevirgen
01/01/2019 Swing Trading Insights: Getting Into a Position After Missing a Big Entry Point Karl Montevirgen
12/27/2018 Cybersecurity Stock Swing Trade Levels Karl Montevirgen
12/03/2018 Spotting and Trading a Pullback Karl Montevirgen
11/29/2018 Why Cloud Cybersecurity Might Make for a Good Long Term Investment Karl Montevirgen
11/14/2018 UPDATE on 5 Cybersecurity Stocks - Swing Trade Levels Karl Montevirgen
11/06/2018 5 Cybersecurity Stocks - Swing Trade Levels (Part 1) Karl Montevirgen
11/02/2018 Two Pure Play ETFs in the Cybersecurity Space Karl Montevirgen
10/26/2018 Aurora Cannabis Becomes First Company to Export Medical Pot to Poland Karl Montevirgen
10/24/2018 Cannabis Stocks Are Plunging - Time to Sell? Karl Montevirgen

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