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Latest Articles by Karl Montevirgen

Date Title Author
10/03/2018 Cannabis Stock Price Action Update - Green Organic Dutchman Karl Montevirgen
09/26/2018 Cannabis Stock Price Analysis - Auxly Cannabis Group Inc Karl Montevirgen
09/24/2018 Cannabis Stock Price Analysis - HEXO Corp and Emerald Health Therapeutics Karl Montevirgen
09/19/2018 Tilray - The Difficulties in Catching a Fast and Parabolic High Karl Montevirgen
09/17/2018 Cannabis Stock Price Analysis - Aurora Cannabis Inc Karl Montevirgen
09/17/2018 Cannabis Stock Price Analysis - Green Organic Dutchman Karl Montevirgen
05/16/2018 OptionSpotter - Credit Spread - June ES Call Options Karl Montevirgen
05/15/2018 Market Highs Swing Trade: Aphria (APHQF) is Currently Basing, But Will It Follow Through? Karl Montevirgen
05/11/2018 OptionSpotter - Grain Market Summer Volatility Trade Karl Montevirgen
04/25/2018 Market Highs: Canopy Growth stock consolidating into a classic symmetrical triangle Karl Montevirgen
03/16/2018 Bitcoin: A Hedge Against the World According to Peter Thiel Karl Montevirgen
03/13/2018 The Takeaway: 3 Fundamental Factors to Assess Cryptocurrency Investments Karl Montevirgen
03/02/2018 63 New Cryptocurrencies Between Feb 1 to March 1, 2018 Karl Montevirgen
02/27/2018 Four Investment Lessons I Learned from my Mother (By Shelby Montevirgen) Karl Montevirgen
02/22/2018 The Underlying Value of Cryptocurrencies According to Lisk Academy Karl Montevirgen
02/15/2018 Cryptocurrencies and the Race for Speed Karl Montevirgen
02/02/2018 Four Risks That Can Trigger a Massive Cryptocurrency Crash Karl Montevirgen
02/01/2018 The Problem with Penny Cryptocurrencies Karl Montevirgen
01/30/2018 Lessons Learned from the $453 Million Coincheck Heist Karl Montevirgen
01/19/2018 Cryptocurrency and the Rhetoric of Death Karl Montevirgen
01/10/2018 The Rise of TRON ($TRX) Karl Montevirgen
01/02/2018 Cannabis-Related Stocks Aiming for New "Highs" Karl Montevirgen
12/13/2017 Part 2: Are Cryptocurrencies Backed by Nothing? Karl Montevirgen
12/08/2017 Heat Maps Tracking Global Cryptocurrency Chatter Karl Montevirgen
12/08/2017 Are Cryptocurrencies Backed by Nothing? Karl Montevirgen
12/07/2017 The Speed of Bitcoin's Price Rise from $0 to $19,000 Karl Montevirgen
12/07/2017 New Cryptocurrency on the Horizon for Wiki-Space Contributors Karl Montevirgen
12/05/2017 Bitcoin Futures: Risks and Incongruities Karl Montevirgen
12/01/2017 $100 Million to be Injected into XRP (Ripple) Karl Montevirgen
11/27/2017 Two Critical Factors Driving and Sustaining Litecoin Karl Montevirgen
11/21/2017 9 Interesting Things About Tether (the Little-Known Currency That Freaked-Out the Cryptomarkets) Karl Montevirgen
11/21/2017 Tether--A Little Known Cryptocurrency, Sent Bitcoin and Other Cryptos Plunging This Morning Karl Montevirgen
11/17/2017 End of Week Cryptocurrency Roundup Karl Montevirgen
11/16/2017 ZCash: A Better Solution for Privacy and Anonymity? Karl Montevirgen
11/09/2017 NYSE FANG+ Index Futures Launches Tomorrow! Karl Montevirgen
11/01/2017 Ten Cryptocurrencies With Highest Market Capitalization Karl Montevirgen
10/27/2017 Two Tech Tycoons' Take on Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency Karl Montevirgen
10/05/2017 Weekly Seasonality Snapshot for Energies - Week 41 Karl Montevirgen
09/01/2017 Trend Convergence and Time - Third Review of Mike Seidl's Approach to Dow Theory Karl Montevirgen
08/16/2017 Trend Confusion - Second Review of Mike Seidl’s Dow Theory Approach Karl Montevirgen

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