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Latest Articles by Karl Montevirgen

Date Title Author
11/21/2019 Market Snapshot - Thursday 11.21.19 Karl Montevirgen
11/20/2019 Market Snapshot - Wednesday 11.20.19 Karl Montevirgen
11/19/2019 Market Snapshot - Tuesday 11.19.19 Karl Montevirgen
11/18/2019 Market Snapshot - Monday 11.18.19 Karl Montevirgen
11/15/2019 Market Recap - November 11 to November 15, 2019 Karl Montevirgen
11/14/2019 Market Snapshot - Wednesday 11.13.19 Karl Montevirgen
11/12/2019 Market Snapshot - Tuesday 11.12.19 Karl Montevirgen
11/11/2019 Market Snapshot - Monday 11.11.19 Karl Montevirgen
11/08/2019 Market Snapshot - Recap November 4 to 8, 2019 Karl Montevirgen
11/07/2019 Market Snapshot - Thursday 11.07.19 Karl Montevirgen
11/06/2019 Market Snapshot - Wednesday 11.06.19 Karl Montevirgen
11/05/2019 Market Snapshot - Tuesday 11.05.19 Karl Montevirgen
11/05/2019 Chart Patterns 101 - Find the Pattern (ACN) Karl Montevirgen
10/24/2019 Using Fundamental Data to Gain Insight on a Technical Swing Trade (AMD) Karl Montevirgen
09/19/2019 Mitigating Automated System Risk Through System Diversification Karl Montevirgen
09/05/2019 Momentum Divergence in ETFMG Alternative Harvest (MJ) Karl Montevirgen
08/27/2019 A Classic Diamond in the Silver Trade Karl Montevirgen
08/27/2019 Trailing Your Stop When Swing Trading a Rectangle Top - follow-up on XEL Swing Trade Scenario Karl Montevirgen
08/23/2019 Ultra Short-Term Swing Trade Levels - Sector and Sub-Industry ETFs 8.23.19 Karl Montevirgen
08/21/2019 Classic Rectangle Continuation Pattern in Xcel Energy Karl Montevirgen
08/20/2019 Swing Trade Levels for the Week - Cannabis Stocks 8.20.19 Karl Montevirgen
08/18/2019 Swing Trade Levels for the Week - Cybersecurity Stocks 8.18.19 Karl Montevirgen
08/14/2019 Ultra Short-Term Swing Trade Levels - Sector and Sub-Industry ETFs Karl Montevirgen
08/12/2019 Swing Trading the Dow's Intraday Reversal Karl Montevirgen
08/05/2019 Ultra Short-Term Swing Trade Levels - Cannabis Stocks Updated 8.5.19 Karl Montevirgen
08/05/2019 Ultra Short-Term Swing Trade Levels - Cybersecurity Stocks Updated 8.5.19 Karl Montevirgen
08/01/2019 Revisiting the XOM Triple Top Swing Trade - An Update Karl Montevirgen
07/30/2019 HA - Swing Trading a Bullish Flag Formation in BZH Karl Montevirgen
07/23/2019 Ultra Short-Term Swing Trade Levels - Cannabis Stocks Updated 7.23.19 Karl Montevirgen
07/23/2019 Swing Trading a Triple Top in Exxon Mobil Stock - XOM Karl Montevirgen
07/17/2019 Ultra Short-Term Swing Trade Levels - Cybersecurity Stocks Karl Montevirgen
07/16/2019 The Wisdom in Sitting Tight and Picking Easy Targets - FTNT Karl Montevirgen
07/12/2019 Ultra Short-Term Swing Trade Levels - Cannabis Stocks Karl Montevirgen
07/11/2019 Using Fibonacci Levels to Anticipate Market Entry Points (ACB) Karl Montevirgen
07/03/2019 HA - Protecting Your Position When a Swing Trade Goes Wrong - Post-analysis of HACK Karl Montevirgen
06/27/2019 Technical Swing Trading Spotlight - Four Opportunities in MJ Karl Montevirgen
06/20/2019 Technical Swing Trade Spotlight - HACK Karl Montevirgen
06/13/2019 Technical Swing Trade Spotlight - MJ Karl Montevirgen
05/23/2019 Swing Trading Spotlight - GWPH Karl Montevirgen
05/15/2019 A Swing Trader's Approach to Protecting Profits Prior to Earnings (ISRG) Karl Montevirgen

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