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Latest Articles by ElliottWave-Forecast

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11/16/2020 Elliott Wave View: DAX Impulsive Rally Suggests Buyers in Control ElliottWave-Forecast
11/12/2020 Elliott Wave View: Pullback in Dow Futures (YM) Should See Buyers ElliottWave-Forecast
11/11/2020 Elliott Wave View: USDJPY Rallies Higher Together with Indices ElliottWave-Forecast
11/10/2020 Elliott Wave View: Bullish Outlook in Oil (CL) ElliottWave-Forecast
11/09/2020 Elliott Wave View: Further Upside in Nasdaq (NQ) Expected ElliottWave-Forecast
11/06/2020 $XLV Elliott Wave Forecasting The Rally From The Blue Box Area ElliottWave-Forecast
11/06/2020 Emerging Market (EEM) Looking to Outperform US Indic ElliottWave-Forecast
11/05/2020 Elliott Wave View: S&P 500 E-Mini Futures (ES) Resumes Rally Higher ElliottWave-Forecast
11/04/2020 Elliott Wave View: Bitcoin Impulsive Rally ElliottWave-Forecast
11/03/2020 Elliott Wave View: EURUSD Looking for Support Soon ElliottWave-Forecast
11/03/2020 GBPCAD Elliott Wave Forecasting The Path ElliottWave-Forecast
11/03/2020 $FXF Elliott Wave and Longer Term Cycles ElliottWave-Forecast
11/03/2020 AUDJPY Forecasting The Decline and Downside Targets ElliottWave-Forecast
11/03/2020 EME: The March 23, 2020 Cycle And The US General Election Results ElliottWave-Forecast
11/03/2020 $SMI: Swiss Market Index SMI Provides an Opportunity in a Pullback ElliottWave-Forecast
11/03/2020 Penn Virginia Corp ($PVAC) Getting Ready To Bounce? ElliottWave-Forecast
11/02/2020 Elliott Wave View: Nikkei (NKD) Ready to Extend Higher ElliottWave-Forecast
10/30/2020 $FXY Longer Term Elliott Wave Cycles ElliottWave-Forecast
10/29/2020 Elliott Wave View: Further Weakness in AUDUSD ElliottWave-Forecast
10/28/2020 Elliott Wave View: Silver (XAGUSD) Correction May Extend ElliottWave-Forecast
10/27/2020 Elliott Wave View: Copper (HG) Correction in Progress ElliottWave-Forecast
10/27/2020 GOOGLE Found Buyers At The Blue Box After Double Three Pattern ElliottWave-Forecast
10/27/2020 Bitcoin rallies 34% since September. Will the Rally Continue or Fail? ElliottWave-Forecast
10/27/2020 USDCAD : Will the Pair Extend Lower? ElliottWave-Forecast
10/27/2020 Gold-to-Silver Ratio Suggests Further Upside in Precious Metals ElliottWave-Forecast
10/27/2020 Russell ($RTY #F) Working with the Right Side and The Blue Box ElliottWave-Forecast
10/26/2020 Elliott Wave View: ASX 200 Looking for Support ElliottWave-Forecast
10/23/2020 GDXJ (Gold Miners Junior) Correction Maybe Completed ElliottWave-Forecast
10/23/2020 Wayfair Inc. ($W) Buy The Dip ElliottWave-Forecast
10/22/2020 Elliott Wave View: Further Weakness in AUDJPY Expected ElliottWave-Forecast
10/21/2020 Elliott Wave View: Oil Futures (CL) Looking to End Flat Correction ElliottWave-Forecast
10/20/2020 Elliott Wave View: Impulse Rally in EURUSD Favors More Upside ElliottWave-Forecast
10/20/2020 NIKKEI ( $NKD_F ) Buying The Dips After Elliott Wave Double Three ElliottWave-Forecast
10/20/2020 XPTUSD: Platinum Should Explode Targeting 2860 ElliottWave-Forecast
10/20/2020 Facebook: Forecasting The Bounce From Blue Box Area ElliottWave-Forecast
10/20/2020 $GLD Elliott Wave Analysis and Long Term Cycles ElliottWave-Forecast
10/19/2020 Elliott Wave View: Near Term Support for Russell 2000 Futures (RTY) ElliottWave-Forecast
10/16/2020 Elliott Wave View: AUDUSD Ready To Turn Lower? ElliottWave-Forecast
10/15/2020 Elliott Wave View: Amazon ( $AMZN) In Wave Four Pullback ElliottWave-Forecast
10/14/2020 Elliott Wave View: Gold Correction Lower Taking Place ElliottWave-Forecast

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