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Latest Articles by Jerry Welch

Date Title Author
01/21/2018 A Great Deal On Their Collective Plates Jerry Welch
01/20/2018 Leaking Badly Jerry Welch
01/19/2018 Livestock About To Close Jerry Welch
01/17/2018 Big Time Reversal Jerry Welch
01/14/2018 Redux: Bubble of Historic Proportions Jerry Welch
01/13/2018 A Guide For The Journey Jerry Welch
01/11/2018 Random Thoughts Jerry Welch
01/10/2018 Busted II Jerry Welch
01/10/2018 Bubble of Historic Proportions Jerry Welch
01/09/2018 Sell Hogs Because of Bonds. Jerry Welch
01/08/2018 Busted Jerry Welch
01/07/2018 Be Quick. Get Ready Jerry Welch
01/05/2018 Far More Pain To Come Jerry Welch
01/05/2018 Will Commodities Go Up or Down In 2018? Jerry Welch
01/04/2018 Be Quick Jerry Welch
01/03/2018 Top Movie Quotes Of All Time Jerry Welch
01/01/2018 Unfolding Scenarios Jerry Welch
12/30/2017 The First Two Weeks Of New Year. Jerry Welch
12/29/2017 Final Day of the Year Jerry Welch
12/28/2017 The Duck Test Jerry Welch
12/25/2017 Old Chinese Saying Jerry Welch
12/23/2017 The Strong Will Become The Weak Jerry Welch
12/22/2017 Fight Ignorance Jerry Welch
12/21/2017 Redux: Good Riddance! Jerry Welch
12/20/2017 Cattle and Bonds Jerry Welch
12/19/2017 Most Vulnerable? Grains & Livestock! Jerry Welch
12/18/2017 Struggling Again Jerry Welch
12/17/2017 Good Riddance Jerry Welch
12/14/2017 First Time Since October 25 Jerry Welch
12/13/2017 The Stars Are Aligned Jerry Welch
12/09/2017 A Heads Up Jerry Welch
12/08/2017 Exited Short Hog Futures Jerry Welch
12/07/2017 The Russell Index May Soon Leak Badly Jerry Welch
12/06/2017 They Were Good Ones Jerry Welch
12/05/2017 Are Bonds Suggesting More Weakness Tomorrow? Jerry Welch
12/04/2017 A Rare Day Jerry Welch
12/03/2017 News & Views Jerry Welch
12/02/2017 Oink! Oink! Jerry Welch
11/30/2017 A Fifty Year Spread Between Stocks & Commodities. Jerry Welch
11/29/2017 Hogs & Bonds; Strange Bedfellows Jerry Welch

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