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Latest Articles by Jerry Welch

Date Title Author
07/17/2018 Kansas City Wheat Keeps Popping Up Jerry Welch
07/14/2018 Bull Markets Ahead Jerry Welch
07/13/2018 Fundamentals for Wheat & Corn Turning Bullish Jerry Welch
07/13/2018 Hard Time Songs For Hard Times Jerry Welch
07/09/2018 KC Wheat To Lead Grain Rallies Jerry Welch
07/07/2018 Stick A Fork In Deflation Jerry Welch
07/06/2018 A Buy In Copper! Jerry Welch
07/06/2018 The Year 2018 Is Similar to 1998 Jerry Welch
07/05/2018 Long Soybeans Along With Long Wheat Jerry Welch
07/03/2018 Proud To Be An American Jerry Welch
06/30/2018 Month Not Yet Over Jerry Welch
06/29/2018 The June Zoom Jerry Welch
06/28/2018 A Head Fake? Jerry Welch
06/27/2018 Era of the Speculator Has Returned Jerry Welch
06/22/2018 Two Major Scenarios Unfolded Today Jerry Welch
06/21/2018 Be Patient Jerry Welch
06/21/2018 Grains:The Weakest of Markets Jerry Welch
06/20/2018 Exiting Longs In Cattle & Now Short! Jerry Welch
06/20/2018 Calm Before The Storm Jerry Welch
06/19/2018 No Longer Short Corn Jerry Welch
06/19/2018 A Bottom In Cattle Jerry Welch
06/16/2018 8 Fast and Furious Minutes Jerry Welch
06/15/2018 To Reiterate Jerry Welch
06/15/2018 Trump Tariffs A Black Swan Event? Jerry Welch
06/14/2018 Lots of Email Alerts! Jerry Welch
06/14/2018 Trump Tariffs Jerry Welch
06/11/2018 A New Short In Cattle Jerry Welch
06/11/2018 Sage of Cooperstown Jerry Welch
06/09/2018 That Is How I Would Bet! Jerry Welch
06/07/2018 Critters In A Sea Of Red Ink Jerry Welch
06/06/2018 House Cleaning Jerry Welch
06/05/2018 Exciting Times Or What! Jerry Welch
06/04/2018 A Few Livestock Comments Jerry Welch
06/02/2018 Evolutionary Scenario Emerging Jerry Welch
05/30/2018 Sell The Rips. Buy The Dips Jerry Welch
05/29/2018 Bull Hog Spread Alert! Jerry Welch
05/24/2018 Something For Everyone Jerry Welch
05/23/2018 Wheat Market Getting Hot Jerry Welch
05/22/2018 Me? Long Cattle! Who Wudda Thought? Jerry Welch
05/21/2018 Totally Flat In Livestock Jerry Welch

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