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Latest Articles by Jerry Welch

Date Title Author
01/12/2019 Largest One Day Rally In 49 Years Jerry Welch
01/11/2019 Commodities Will Rule And Stocks Drool In 2019 Jerry Welch
01/06/2019 Two And Only Two Trades; Part X Jerry Welch
01/04/2019 "Twas The Week Before Christmas" Jerry Welch
01/03/2019 KC Wheat Is Coming Into Its Own Jerry Welch
01/02/2019 Bad Predictions Jerry Welch
12/28/2018 Speical Email Alert For Cattle! Jerry Welch
12/28/2018 Annus Mirabilis: 2019 Jerry Welch
12/23/2018 And Only Two Trades. Part IX Jerry Welch
12/21/2018 A Week of Discombobulation Jerry Welch
12/17/2018 And Only Two Trades. Part VIII Jerry Welch
12/14/2018 Being Stubborn Jerry Welch
12/13/2018 Special Email Alert! Sell Cattle Short! Jerry Welch
12/13/2018 Wheat Appears Cheap Jerry Welch
12/12/2018 Special Email Alert for KC Wheat Jerry Welch
12/12/2018 Kansas City Wheat Keeps Popping Up Jerry Welch
12/11/2018 Commodities at New 30 Year High Jerry Welch
12/10/2018 And Only Two Trades. Part VII Jerry Welch
12/07/2018 Silver Alert! Jerry Welch
12/07/2018 Annus Horribilis Followed By Annus Mirabilis Jerry Welch
12/06/2018 Forget Yesterday! Jerry Welch
12/05/2018 Unfolding Today Jerry Welch
12/01/2018 And Only Two Trades. Part VI Jerry Welch
11/30/2018 Not Soon Enough For Me Jerry Welch
11/25/2018 And Only Two Trades. Part V Jerry Welch
11/20/2018 Redux: A Few Things For Which I Am Thankful Jerry Welch
11/17/2018 And Only Two Trades. Part IV Jerry Welch
11/14/2018 Voice From The Tomb Jerry Welch
11/10/2018 Being Short Is A Crowed Trade Jerry Welch
11/07/2018 And Only Two Trades. Part III Jerry Welch
11/06/2018 Lost Decade? Jerry Welch
11/04/2018 And Only Two Trades: Part II Jerry Welch
10/28/2018 And Only Two Trades Jerry Welch
10/27/2018 Redux: Don't Be Left Behind Jerry Welch
10/26/2018 Selling When You Hear Yelling. Buying When You Hear Crying Jerry Welch
10/23/2018 Bearish Month Has Arrived Jerry Welch
10/20/2018 Three Forces That End A Bull Stock Market Jerry Welch
10/19/2018 Dollar Says Gold Will Be Higher Sunday Night Jerry Welch
10/18/2018 The Time May Be At Hand Jerry Welch
10/16/2018 Ghost of Markets Past, Present and Yet to Come Jerry Welch

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