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Latest Articles by Jason Rotman

Date Title Author
11/17/2017 Dow Jones Still Struggling to Make New Highs Here... Jason Rotman
11/08/2017 Look out below for US bond market?? Jason Rotman
10/25/2017 SP500 Breaking Down Today - Here is 1st Support Area Jason Rotman
10/06/2017 Oil Price Drops Big Today - Bullish or Bearish? Jason Rotman
10/02/2017 Dow Jones Continues to Defy Gravity... Jason Rotman
09/18/2017 Bonds May Fall Hard Jason Rotman
09/11/2017 US Dollar Fights Back Today Jason Rotman
09/05/2017 WTI Crude Oil Launches Higher Today Jason Rotman
09/01/2017 Bitcoin Almost $5000 Jason Rotman
08/25/2017 EURO Currency Huge Run Higher in 2017 Thus Far... Jason Rotman
08/09/2017 Crude Oil Holding Up; Next Target $52 Jason Rotman
08/07/2017 Dow Jones on Blistering Run Higher Jason Rotman
08/03/2017 Major Candlestick Patter on Weekly SP500 - Alert Jason Rotman
07/31/2017 2% Correction Due for SP500? Jason Rotman
07/28/2017 Is Coffee a Hot Trade? Jason Rotman
07/24/2017 Crude Oil on Key Support Line Jason Rotman
07/10/2017 SP/Nasdaq Spread Opportunity Shaping Up? Jason Rotman
07/03/2017 Looks Like the "Rate Trade" is Happening! Jason Rotman
06/19/2017 Higher Rates Coming...At a Faster Pace? Jason Rotman
06/14/2017 New Zealand Dollar Continues to Roar Higher on USD Weakness Jason Rotman
06/12/2017 US Bonds Monthly Chart Analysis Jason Rotman
06/09/2017 US Bonds May Be Ready to Head Lower Jason Rotman
06/05/2017 SP500 REACHES 2420 TARGET; UP 10/11 DAYS Jason Rotman
05/30/2017 Major Trendline Broken on New Zealand Dollar Jason Rotman
05/26/2017 Detecting Wheat Trend; Pound Tanks Jason Rotman
05/24/2017 Here's a Unique Energy Spread Idea Jason Rotman
05/17/2017 Highly Bearish Weekly Signal for SP500 Jason Rotman
05/15/2017 Gold Approaching Big Resistance Area Jason Rotman
05/12/2017 Euro Showing Bullish Technicals Today Jason Rotman
05/10/2017 Coffee Pattern Detected; Stock Market Continues Bullishness Jason Rotman
05/08/2017 SP500 HITS ALL TIME HIGH TODAY Jason Rotman
05/05/2017 Strong Jobs #; Oil Dips to Key Support Then Rallies Hard Jason Rotman
05/01/2017 Gold down 1%; Nasdaq Continues Rally Jason Rotman
04/24/2017 Nasdaq Futures Make All-Time High Jason Rotman
04/19/2017 SP500 in Distribution Mode? Jason Rotman
04/12/2017 Crude Oil Flashing Overbought Signal Jason Rotman
04/07/2017 Oil Runs Higher on Overnight Strikes Jason Rotman
04/05/2017 Jason Rotman: Gold has Topped Out Jason Rotman
04/03/2017 Bearish Indicators on Oil Price Jason Rotman
03/31/2017 Nasdaq Analysis - Another 5% Upside Potential Jason Rotman

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