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Latest Articles by Paul Georgy

Date Title Author
10/19/2018 Chinas GDP Figures Released Paul Georgy
10/18/2018 Markets Stabilize as Farmers Ramp Up Harvest Paul Georgy
10/17/2018 Grain Markets Await Their Next Catalyst Paul Georgy
10/16/2018 Grain Markets Rally on Strong Crush Report Paul Georgy
10/15/2018 NOPA Crush & Crop Progress On Tap Paul Georgy
10/12/2018 USDA Supply & Demand Report Surprises Traders Paul Georgy
10/11/2018 Focus Shifts to Supply & Demand Paul Georgy
10/10/2018 Soybean Harvest Pace Slower Than Expected Paul Georgy
10/09/2018 Markets Brace for Big Numbers on USDA Reports Paul Georgy
10/08/2018 Wet Weekend Pushes Markets Through Key Resistance Levels Paul Georgy
10/05/2018 Will Big Harvest Estimates Slow Market Momentum? Paul Georgy
10/04/2018 Wet Forecast Remains Increasing Harvest Concerns Paul Georgy
10/03/2018 Weather Concerns Offer Support to Grains Paul Georgy
10/02/2018 Canada Joins USMAC Trade Deal Markets Soar Higher Paul Georgy
10/01/2018 Bargain Hunting & Trade Optimism Help Markets Rebound Paul Georgy
09/28/2018 Can USDA Report Provide Support to Grain Producers? Paul Georgy
09/27/2018 Will New Month Bring Buying Interest to Grain Markets? Paul Georgy
09/26/2018 Will Upcoming Reports Trump Trade Talks in The Grain Markets? Paul Georgy
09/25/2018 Can Corn & Wheat Stay Higher Despite Escalating Trade Disputes? Paul Georgy
09/24/2018 Can Grain Markets Keep the Momentum This Week? Paul Georgy
09/21/2018 Can the Rumor Mill Propel Grains Again Today? Paul Georgy
09/20/2018 Grain Markets Rebound While Trade Troubles Escalate Paul Georgy
09/19/2018 US China Trade War Intensifies As Harvest Advances Paul Georgy
09/18/2018 US - China Trade Tensions Continue to Weigh on Markets Paul Georgy
09/17/2018 If Canada Joins a NAFTA Deal Will The Grain Markets Rally? Paul Georgy
09/14/2018 Is A Trade Deal The Only Hope For A Rally? Paul Georgy
09/13/2018 USDA Sees Big Yields for Corn and Soybeans Paul Georgy
09/12/2018 Canada US NAFTA Negotiations Pick Up Steam Paul Georgy
09/11/2018 Commodity Traders Prepare for Tomorrows USDA Report Paul Georgy
09/10/2018 US - Canadian Negotiators Get Closer to a NAFTA Deal Paul Georgy
09/07/2018 Markets Brace for Deadline on US - Canada Trade News Paul Georgy
09/06/2018 Trade Concerns Loom as US & Canada Try to Salvage NAFTA Deal Paul Georgy
09/05/2018 Traders Wait on Canada for NAFTA Agreement Paul Georgy
09/04/2018 Will Heavy Weekend Rains Push Grain Prices Higher? Paul Georgy
08/31/2018 US Canada NAFTA Trade Talks Intensify Before Deadline Paul Georgy
08/30/2018 Will Changing the Calendar Change the Trend? Paul Georgy
08/29/2018 Rains Raise Yield Chances Drown Price Rally Paul Georgy
08/28/2018 US & Mexico Agree on Key NAFTA Issues Paul Georgy
08/27/2018 Farmers Aid Package Details and Mexico Deal Near Paul Georgy
08/24/2018 US Yields Expected Higher as Trade Negotiations Continue Paul Georgy

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