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Latest Articles by Paul Georgy

Date Title Author
07/13/2018 USDA Offers Bulls and Bears Something to Like Paul Georgy
07/12/2018 Quick Reaction to News Keeps Volatility High Paul Georgy
07/11/2018 Sellers Attitude Reigns Ahead of USDA Report Paul Georgy
07/10/2018 Fund Selling Continues Paul Georgy
07/09/2018 Weather Tariffs And Reports Impact Markets This Week Paul Georgy
07/06/2018 Trade War Becomes Official Paul Georgy
07/05/2018 Traders Look to Old Fashioned Open Paul Georgy
07/03/2018 Post Holiday Could Provide Fireworks Paul Georgy
07/02/2018 Markets Unnerved as Trade Tensions Continue Paul Georgy
06/29/2018 Spotlight on USDA as Trade Worries Persist Paul Georgy
06/28/2018 Could Markets Get Wild After USDA Report? Paul Georgy
06/27/2018 Can Grains Bounce In Spite of Another Big Crop? Paul Georgy
06/26/2018 Trade Fears Grip Markets Paul Georgy
06/25/2018 From Trade Relations to Planted Acres Paul Georgy
06/22/2018 Weather, Trade & USDA Remain the Focus Paul Georgy
06/21/2018 Planted Acreage Data Next Week Could Provide Surprises Paul Georgy
06/20/2018 Have We Seen The Lows For Corn And Soybeans In 2018? Paul Georgy
06/19/2018 US Chinese Trade War Escalates Paul Georgy
06/18/2018 Trade Tariffs Set For July 6, Sell Rumor Buy Fact? Paul Georgy
06/15/2018 New US Tariffs on Chinese Goods Expected Paul Georgy
06/14/2018 Trade Relations with US Worry Futures Traders Paul Georgy
06/13/2018 USDA Confirms Importance of Good Yields in 2018 Paul Georgy
06/12/2018 Attention Turns to USDA Post Trump-Kim Summit Paul Georgy
06/11/2018 Historic Summit Has Hold On Trade Paul Georgy
06/08/2018 Weather, Trade and Technicals Paul Georgy
06/07/2018 Technicals Present Heavy Picture For Grains Paul Georgy
06/06/2018 Headlines Control Money Flow Paul Georgy
06/05/2018 US Crops Off To A Great Start Paul Georgy
06/04/2018 Temps Rise Across Midwest and In Trade Talks Paul Georgy
06/01/2018 Trade War Heats Up Meat Prices Fizzle Paul Georgy
05/31/2018 Technical Picture Becomes Fear Factor Paul Georgy
05/30/2018 Corn Crop Starts Out The Best Since 1994 Paul Georgy
05/29/2018 Geopolitical Events Back in the Spotlight Paul Georgy
05/25/2018 What Surprise Does Washington Hold for Next Week? Paul Georgy
05/24/2018 Can Pre-Holiday Trade Push Corn to New Highs? Paul Georgy
05/23/2018 Back and Forth on Trade Continues Paul Georgy
05/22/2018 Soybean Planting Pace Well Above Average Paul Georgy
05/21/2018 More Exports to China? Paul Georgy
05/18/2018 Hope Remains for Trade Deals Paul Georgy
05/17/2018 US/China Trade Talks Determine Soybean Price Trend Paul Georgy

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