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Latest Articles by Paul Georgy

Date Title Author
01/19/2018 Global Economic Expansion to Impact Commodity Prices? Paul Georgy
01/18/2018 Will the One Day Rally Open Bin Doors? Paul Georgy
01/17/2018 Finger Pointing May Cause Government Shutdown Paul Georgy
01/16/2018 USDA Raises Stocks in Corn Wheat and Soybeans Paul Georgy
01/12/2018 Grain Markets Ready to Strike at USDA Data Paul Georgy
01/11/2018 Grains Deal With Fear Ahead Of Reports Paul Georgy
01/10/2018 Stocks Roll on While Grains Wait for USDA Paul Georgy
01/09/2018 Report Estimates Circulate Trade Paul Georgy
01/08/2018 Major USDA Report Day Friday January 12th Paul Georgy
01/05/2018 Can Outside Market Enthusiasm Spillover to Grains? Paul Georgy
01/04/2018 Are We Trading Corn or Watching Paint Dry? Paul Georgy
01/03/2018 Traders Start The Year as Buyers Paul Georgy
01/02/2018 Major USDA Reports Coming Up On Jan 12 Paul Georgy
12/29/2017 Happy New Year and Prosperous 2018! Paul Georgy
12/28/2017 More Consolidation Before New Year Paul Georgy
12/27/2017 Crude Oil Rally Jump Starts Soybean Short Covering Paul Georgy
12/26/2017 Managed Money Funds Large Sellers in Soybeans Paul Georgy
12/22/2017 Shortened Session and Option Expiration On Hand Paul Georgy
12/21/2017 Stock Indices React to Tax Bill Passage Paul Georgy
12/20/2017 Holiday Trade Not Delivering A Rally Paul Georgy
12/19/2017 Argentine Weather Maps Watched Closely Paul Georgy
12/18/2017 New Tax Law and Dow at 25,000 for Christmas? Paul Georgy
12/15/2017 Can We See A Short Covering Rally by Yearend? Paul Georgy
12/14/2017 Traders Prepare For Year End Positioning Paul Georgy
12/13/2017 Grains Set For Possible Short Covering Surprise Paul Georgy
12/12/2017 Traders Await USDA Numbers Paul Georgy
12/11/2017 Fed Meeting This Week Could Change Interest rates Paul Georgy
12/08/2017 USDA Report or Bitcoin? Paul Georgy
12/07/2017 EIA Reports Record Ethanol Production Paul Georgy
12/06/2017 CME Lowers Margins Paul Georgy
12/05/2017 Money Flow Can Be An Influencer Paul Georgy
11/29/2017 First Notice Day Causing A Stir Paul Georgy
11/28/2017 Traders Watch South American Forecast Paul Georgy
11/27/2017 Argentina Dryness Reason For Concern Paul Georgy
11/24/2017 Large Open Interest Remains in Dec Corn Options Paul Georgy
11/22/2017 December Option Expiration Could be a Market Mover Paul Georgy
11/21/2017 US Harvest Almost Complete Paul Georgy
11/20/2017 Argentina Weather a Factor as Holiday Approaches Paul Georgy
11/17/2017 New Record Short in Corn? Paul Georgy
11/16/2017 Short covering and Seasonality Supports Soybeans Paul Georgy

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