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Latest Articles by Gregor Horvat

Date Title Author
06/25/2018 Gold In Anticipation of A Temporary Correction? Gregor Horvat
06/22/2018 BTCUSD Dropping Like A Rock Gregor Horvat
06/20/2018 Elliott wave Intraday Analysis: USDCHF is Looking For More Upside Gregor Horvat
06/12/2018 Crude OIL Making A Bearish Turn - Elliott Wave Analysis Gregor Horvat
06/11/2018 EURAUD Is Looking For More Upside Gregor Horvat
05/24/2018 German DAX and USDJPY Point Lower Gregor Horvat
05/18/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: ZCASH Bullish Trend Confirmed Gregor Horvat
05/15/2018 USDCHF Trading In A Bullish Impulse Gregor Horvat
05/10/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: QTUMUSD Has Clear Bullish Setup Gregor Horvat
05/09/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: GBPAUD Looking Bullish Gregor Horvat
05/03/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: USDCAD Unfolding Bullish Gregor Horvat
05/01/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: EURJPY Taking Price Lower Gregor Horvat
04/30/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: GBPAUD Update Gregor Horvat
04/26/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: S&P500 Update Gregor Horvat
04/24/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: EURUSD Bearish Look Gregor Horvat
04/23/2018 GBPJPY Is Looking Bearish Gregor Horvat
04/20/2018 Elliott wave Anaylsis: AUDNZD Update Gregor Horvat
04/18/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: Triangle Unfolding on Gold Gregor Horvat
04/18/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: EURUSD Trapped In A Correction Gregor Horvat
04/17/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: German DAX Can Face a Bearish Turn Gregor Horvat
04/17/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: 10 Year US Notes and Stocks Gregor Horvat
04/16/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: USDCAD Looking Bearish Gregor Horvat
04/16/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: Crude oil Update Gregor Horvat
04/12/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: Soybeans Looking Bullish Gregor Horvat
04/12/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: German BUND Looking Bullish Gregor Horvat
04/11/2018 Crude oil and EURJPY Short-term Looks Gregor Horvat
04/11/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: EURJPY Approaching Potential Resistance Gregor Horvat
04/09/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: If EURUSD goes UP then USDCHF Must Come DOWN Gregor Horvat
04/08/2018 Bigger Bullish Cycle Can Be Coming To An End On EURUSD Gregor Horvat
04/05/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: S&P500 Can See Resistance Around 2700 Gregor Horvat
04/04/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: GBPUSD Looking Higher Gregor Horvat
04/03/2018 EURGBP Can Look For A Turn Lower Around the 0.8830-0.8847 Zone Gregor Horvat
04/03/2018 S&P500 Can Aim For 2450 Bearish Level Gregor Horvat
03/29/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: CADJPY Can See A Turning Point Near the 83.00-83.43 Area Gregor Horvat
03/28/2018 EURJPY Looking Strong for 132.4-133.04 Resistance Zone Gregor Horvat
03/27/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: GBPUSD Can See more Upside Gregor Horvat
03/23/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: Crude oil Update Gregor Horvat
03/22/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: USDCHF Looking For A Bearish Turn Gregor Horvat
03/21/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: USDCAD Update Gregor Horvat
03/16/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: USD Index Update Gregor Horvat

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