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Latest Articles by Kevin Van Trump

Date Title Author
10/19/2012 What Will Push Grain Prices In the Next Few Days? Kevin Van Trump
10/10/2012 Will Tomorrow's Report Bring a "LIMIT" Move in the Grains? Kevin Van Trump
09/27/2012 Lack of Buying Interest in Corn and Soybeans Kevin Van Trump
09/17/2012 Have We Seen the Highs In December Corn??? Kevin Van Trump
09/11/2012 Big Week In the Grains With USDA Report and Fed Meeting Kevin Van Trump
08/27/2012 What the Early Harvest & Spreads Might Be Telling Us? Kevin Van Trump
08/23/2012 Counting the Bullish Cards In the Deck Kevin Van Trump
08/21/2012 Are We Seeing A Top in the Soybean Market??? Kevin Van Trump
08/15/2012 Is “Money Flow” Drying Up To Ag Commodities? Kevin Van Trump
08/08/2012 Is the Weather Rally in the Grains Over? Kevin Van Trump
05/31/2012 Outside Markets Causing Extreme Pressure in the Grains Kevin Van Trump
05/30/2012 Corn and Wheat Conditions Take Turn For the Worse Kevin Van Trump
10/06/2011 Where Could Corn Prices Go? Kevin Van Trump
10/05/2011 Will Eurozone Woes Take US and China Down? Kevin Van Trump
10/03/2011 Monday in the Grains: Not a Repeat of 2008! Kevin Van Trump
09/30/2011 Painful Day To Be Long the Grains and Soy Markets Kevin Van Trump
09/29/2011 "Money Flow" is in the Driver's Seat Kevin Van Trump
09/28/2011 The Trade Smoking "Hopeium" Yesterday: Today? Kevin Van Trump
09/27/2011 Greece Vote Key to LIfting Grain Markets Kevin Van Trump
09/26/2011 Monday Morning in the Grain and LIvestock Markets Kevin Van Trump
09/23/2011 Friday in the Grains: Big Traders Find It Too Hot in the Kitchen! Kevin Van Trump
09/22/2011 Grain Markets Doing the "Twist" Kevin Van Trump
09/21/2011 Wednesday in the Grains: Will China Confirm Corn Purchases? Kevin Van Trump
09/20/2011 Markets React to Crop Conditions and Chinese Corn Rumors Kevin Van Trump
09/19/2011 Monday In the Grains: Tempted to Get Long? Kevin Van Trump
09/14/2011 I am not writing this to scare everyone; I just want you to remember that things are not always as they appear. Kevin Van Trump
09/09/2011 Will the USDA Let the "Bulls" Run Monday? Kevin Van Trump
09/08/2011 Thursday in the Grains: Watch Out for Crude Oil Kevin Van Trump
09/07/2011 Wednesday in the Grains: Longer-Term Thoughts on Market Conditions Kevin Van Trump
09/06/2011 Monday In the Grains: Will Demand Pick Back Up? Kevin Van Trump
09/02/2011 Who Wins?: "Money Flow" vs. "Fundamentals" Kevin Van Trump
09/01/2011 Short-Term Price Direction Out of South America Kevin Van Trump
08/31/2011 Wednesday Morning in the Grains Kevin Van Trump
08/30/2011 Tuesday in the Grains: Reality Sets in for the "Bears" Kevin Van Trump
08/29/2011 Aftermath: Hurricane Irene and the Pro Farmer Tour Kevin Van Trump
08/26/2011 Friday in the Grains: It's All About Bernanke! Kevin Van Trump
08/25/2011 Will Bernanke's Speech Overwhelm Bullish Fundamentals in the Grains? Kevin Van Trump
08/24/2011 Could Corn Trade Above $9.00? Kevin Van Trump
08/23/2011 Crop Conditions and Today's Trade Kevin Van Trump
08/22/2011 "Bulls" and "Bears" Have Much to Digest This Week Kevin Van Trump

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