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Latest Articles by Mohammed Isah

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02/14/2019 GBPUSD Weakens On Further Bear Pressure Towards 1.2720 Zone Mohammed Isah
02/13/2019 GBPJPY Eyes Upside Pressure On Further Corrective Recovery Mohammed Isah
02/11/2019 GBPUSD Looks To Decline Further Lower Nearer Term Mohammed Isah
02/11/2019 USDJPY Rallies With Eyes On Key Resistance At 111.01 Level Mohammed Isah
02/10/2019 EURUSD Risk Remains Lower On Further Decline Mohammed Isah
02/08/2019 GBPJPY Faces Recovery Risk On Price Rejection Mohammed Isah
02/07/2019 GBPUSD Remains Vulnerable To The Downside On Bear Pressure Mohammed Isah
02/06/2019 EURUSD Bear Pressure Remains Intact Mohammed Isah
02/05/2019 GBPJPY Tumbles Lower On Price Reversal Mohammed Isah
02/04/2019 USDJPY Looks To Extend Gain Above Key Resistance Mohammed Isah
02/03/2019 EURUSD Pulls Back Ahead Of Key Resistance Mohammed Isah
02/02/2019 USDCHF Eyeing Further Upside Pressure Despite Price Hesitation Mohammed Isah
02/01/2019 GBPUSD Faces Corrective Weakness On Price Rejection Mohammed Isah
01/31/2019 EURUSD Targets Further Upside Pressure On Price Extension Mohammed Isah
01/30/2019 AUDUSD Threatens Further Strength With Eyes On 0.7234 Region Mohammed Isah
01/29/2019 EURGBP Faces Price Recovery Extension Towards 0.8724 Zone Mohammed Isah
01/28/2019 USDJPY Continues To Hold Below Key Resistance At 109.99 Level Mohammed Isah
01/27/2019 GOLD Faces Further Bull Pressure Towards 1,309.29 Region Mohammed Isah
01/27/2019 EURUSD Recovery Threats Remain With Eyes On 1.1489 Zone Mohammed Isah
01/26/2019 USDCHF Remains Vulnerable Below Key Resistance At 1.0007 Zone Mohammed Isah
01/25/2019 GOLD Continues To Trade Below Key Resistance At 1,298.55 Mohammed Isah
01/23/2019 EURUSD Backs Off Lower Prices With Eyes On 1.1450 Zone Mohammed Isah
01/23/2019 USDJPY Eyes The 109.88 Resistance Zone And Beyond Mohammed Isah
01/22/2019 AUDUSD Weakens On Further Pullback Threats. Mohammed Isah
01/20/2019 EURUSD Continues To Retain Downside Pressure Short Term Mohammed Isah
01/19/2019 USDCHF Eyes More Strength, Closes Strongly Mohammed Isah
01/18/2019 EURJPY Looks To Recover Further Higher Towards 125.08 Zone Mohammed Isah
01/17/2019 GBPUSD Targets Further Upside Pressure Towards 1.3000/29 Zone Mohammed Isah
01/16/2019 USDJPY Remains Biased To The Upside On Corrective Recovery Mohammed Isah
01/15/2019 GBPUSD Bearish, Sets Up To Weaken Further On Corrective Pressure Mohammed Isah
01/14/2019 GOLD Remains Vulnerable Below Key Resistance At 1,2987.55 Level Mohammed Isah
01/13/2019 EURUSD Backs Off Higher Prices With Eyes On 1.1421 Zone Mohammed Isah
01/13/2019 EURUSD Backs Off Higher Prices With Eyes On 1.1421 Zone Mohammed Isah
01/12/2019 USDCHF Sees Price Halt With Recovery Risk Mohammed Isah
01/11/2019 CRUDE OIL Retains Its Bullish Offensive Short Term Mohammed Isah
01/09/2019 NZDUSD Resumes Recovery Strength, Bullis Mohammed Isah
01/08/2019 AUDUSD Retains Corrective Recovery Bias Mohammed Isah
01/07/2019 GBPUSD Sets Up To Recover Further Higher On Bull Pressure Mohammed Isah
01/06/2019 EURUSD Eyes Recovery Threats Towards 1.1496 Zone Mohammed Isah
01/05/2019 USDCHF Remains Vulnerable With Pullback Threats Expected Mohammed Isah

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