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Latest Articles by Alan Bush

Date Title Author
01/19/2018 Locking in Low Grain Prices For The Commercial Processer With Futures Alan Bush
01/11/2018 Treasury Bond Futures Lower in Spite of Bullish News Alan Bush
01/10/2018 China May Buy Less U.S. Treasuries Alan Bush
01/09/2018 Bank of Japan Less Accommodative Alan Bush
01/08/2018 U.S. Dollar Higher Alan Bush
01/05/2018 Stock Index Futures Holding Well in Spite of Weak Nonfarm Payrolls Alan Bush
01/04/2018 Stock Index Futures at New Highs Alan Bush
01/03/2018 FOMC Minutes Today Alan Bush
01/02/2018 Outlook for Stock Index Futures Remains Bullish Alan Bush
12/29/2017 Higher Prices Likely For Stock Index Futures in 2018 Alan Bush
12/28/2017 Stock Index Futures Likely Higher in 2018 Alan Bush
12/27/2017 Global Economy Improving Alan Bush
12/26/2017 Holiday Retail Sales Up Alan Bush
12/20/2017 Tax Cut Optimism Dominates Financial Markets Alan Bush
12/18/2017 S&P 500, Dow Jones and NASDAQ Futures at New Record Highs Alan Bush
12/14/2017 Dow Futures at Record Highs Alan Bush
12/13/2017 FOMC Statement at 1:00 Alan Bush
12/12/2017 Core PPI Higher than Expected Alan Bush
12/11/2017 Flight to Quality Buying in Treasury Bonds Alan Bush
12/08/2017 Nonfarm Payrolls Stronger Alan Bush
12/07/2017 Jobless Claims Fall to a Five Week Low Alan Bush
12/06/2017 ADP Employment Report Stronger Alan Bush
12/05/2017 RBA Leaves Rates Unchanged Alan Bush
12/04/2017 S&P 500 and Dow Jones Futures at Record Highs Alan Bush
12/01/2017 Tax Reform Delays Emerge Overnight Alan Bush
11/30/2017 S&P 500 and Dow Jones Futures at Record Highs Alan Bush
11/29/2017 S&P 500 and Dow Futures at New Historical Highs Alan Bush
11/28/2017 Jerome Powell Confirmation Hearing Today Alan Bush
11/27/2017 S&P 500 and NASDAQ Futures at Record Highs Alan Bush
11/22/2017 FOMC Minutes Today Alan Bush
11/21/2017 Better Earnings Support Stock Index Futures Alan Bush
11/20/2017 Stock Index Futures Firm Alan Bush
11/16/2017 Stock Index Futures Rebound Alan Bush
11/15/2017 Some Economists Turning Bearish on Stock Index Futures Alan Bush
11/14/2017 Euro Currency at a Three Week High Alan Bush
11/13/2017 Harker of Fed Backs Rate Hike in December Alan Bush
11/10/2017 Tax Reform Delays Dominate Alan Bush
11/09/2017 Jobless Claims Higher Alan Bush
11/08/2017 Third Quarter Earnings Better than Expected Alan Bush
11/07/2017 Stock Index Futures at Record Highs Alan Bush

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