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Latest Articles by Alan Bush

Date Title Author
07/16/2018 S&P 500 Hits Five Month Highs Alan Bush
07/13/2018 Corporate Earnings Mostly Better Alan Bush
07/12/2018 Subtle Shift in China's Trade Rhetoric? Alan Bush
07/11/2018 Trade Worries, But Stock Index Futures Well Off of Lows Alan Bush
07/10/2018 Stock Index Futures Higher Alan Bush
07/06/2018 Trade Issues And Employment Data Alan Bush
07/05/2018 Better Tone to Trade Situation in Euro Zone Alan Bush
07/03/2018 Reports of China Support for the Yuan Alan Bush
07/02/2018 Global Trade Issues Dominate for Now Alan Bush
06/29/2018 U.S. Dollar Looking Toppy Alan Bush
06/28/2018 U.S. GDP Weaker than Expected Alan Bush
06/27/2018 A Better Tone to Trade Issues Supports Stock Index Futures Alan Bush
06/26/2018 Less and Less Flight to Quality Buying Alan Bush
06/25/2018 Trade Tensions Escalate Alan Bush
06/21/2018 Bank of England on the Hawkish Side Alan Bush
06/20/2018 Stock Index Futures Over Performing the News Alan Bush
06/19/2018 Financial Markets Respond Less and Less to Worsening Trade News Alan Bush
06/18/2018 Trade Issues Dominate Financial Markets Alan Bush
06/15/2018 Trade Tensions Between the U.S. and China Heat Up Alan Bush
06/14/2018 Retail Sales Surge Alan Bush
06/13/2018 FOMC Statement Today Alan Bush
06/12/2018 CPI as Expected Alan Bush
06/11/2018 Stock Index Futures Traders Focusing on the Bullish News Alan Bush
06/07/2018 NASDAQ and Russell 2000 Futures at New Record Highs Alan Bush
06/06/2018 Stock Index Futures Supported by Better U.S. Alan Bush
06/05/2018 Russell 2000 Futures Hit Record High Alan Bush
06/04/2018 Russell 2000 Stock Index Futures at Record Highs Alan Bush
06/01/2018 U.S. Employment Numbers Strong Alan Bush
05/31/2018 Inflation Heats Up in Euro Zone Alan Bush
05/30/2018 Political Tensions in the Euro Zone Ease Slightly Alan Bush
05/29/2018 Political Tensions in Euro Zone Dominate Financial Markets Alan Bush
05/25/2018 Durable Goods Orders Weaker Alan Bush
05/23/2018 Technicals Point to Higher Prices For Corn, Soybean And Wheat Futures Alan Bush
05/22/2018 Record Highs for the Russell 2000 Futures for the Fifth Consecutive Day Alan Bush
05/21/2018 Stock Index Futures Soar on Trade Progress Alan Bush
05/18/2018 Stock Index Futures Holding Up Well in Spite of Mostly Bearish News Alan Bush
05/17/2018 Russell 2000 Futures Hit Record Highs Yesterday Alan Bush
05/16/2018 Stock Index Futures Higher on Mostly Bearish News Alan Bush
05/15/2018 Influence of Higher U.S. Interest Rates Dominates Alan Bush
05/14/2018 Stock Index Futures Up for Eight Day Alan Bush

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