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Latest Articles by Alan Bush

Date Title Author
11/21/2018 A More Optimistic Feeling about Trade Talks Alan Bush
11/20/2018 Flight to Quality Flows Support Thirty Year Treasury Bond Futures Alan Bush
11/19/2018 Comments from Fed Officials Turning Less Hawkish Alan Bush
11/12/2018 Flight to Quality Flows Help the U.S. Dollar Index Alan Bush
11/08/2018 No Policy Change Likely Today at FOMC Meeting Alan Bush
11/07/2018 Historical Tendencies Bullish for Stock Index Futures after Midterms Alan Bush
11/06/2018 Now is a Good Time to Move to The Sidelines During The Midterm Elections Alan Bush
11/05/2018 Traders Focus on Midterm Elections Alan Bush
11/02/2018 S&P 500 Futures Up for a Fourth Day Alan Bush
11/01/2018 Stock Index Futures Up for Third Day Alan Bush
10/29/2018 Merger and Acquisition Activity Supports Stock Index Futures Alan Bush
10/26/2018 US GDP Better Than Expected Alan Bush
10/25/2018 Stock Index Futures Recover Alan Bush
10/24/2018 FOMC Likely to Be Less Hawkish Next Year Alan Bush
10/23/2018 Flight to Quality Flows Today Alan Bush
10/22/2018 Better Overseas Equity Markets Support US Stock Index Futures Alan Bush
10/19/2018 Better Corporate Earnings Support Stock Index Futures Alan Bush
10/18/2018 Yesterday's Release of FOMC Minutes from September Meeting Were Hawkish Alan Bush
10/17/2018 Housing Starts and Building Permits Lower Alan Bush
10/16/2018 Strong Earnings Support Stock Index Futures Alan Bush
10/15/2018 Corporate Earnings Support Stock Index Futures Alan Bush
10/12/2018 Stock Index Futures Recovery Alan Bush
10/11/2018 FOMC May Be Less Hawkish in 2019 Alan Bush
10/10/2018 Treasury Auctions Today Alan Bush
10/09/2018 IMF Cuts Global Economic Growth Estimate Alan Bush
10/08/2018 Thirty Year Treasury Bond Futures Hit New Lows Alan Bush
10/05/2018 Non-Farm Payrolls Weaker than Expected Alan Bush
10/04/2018 Treasury Yields at Four Year Highs Alan Bush
10/03/2018 Dow Jones Futures at Record Highs Alan Bush
10/02/2018 Stock Index Futures Likely to Recover from Current Lower Prices Alan Bush
10/01/2018 New U.S.-Canada Trade Agreement Alan Bush
09/28/2018 Political and Economic Tensions in the E.U. Pressure the Euro Currency Alan Bush
09/27/2018 Stock Index Futures Higher in Spite of Yesterday's FOMC Rate Hike Alan Bush
09/26/2018 FOMC Statement at 1:00 Alan Bush
09/25/2018 US Dollar And Thirty Year Treasury Bond Futures Remain Weak Alan Bush
09/24/2018 U.S. Dollar Lower in Spite of Likely Fed Funds Rate Hike on Wednesday Alan Bush
09/21/2018 S&P 500 and Dow Jones Futures at Record Highs Alan Bush
09/20/2018 New Record Highs for S&P 500 Futures on Limited News Alan Bush
09/19/2018 Stock Index Futures Performing Better than the News Alan Bush
09/18/2018 Flight to Quality Longs Liquidated in Spite of Increasing Trade Tensions Alan Bush

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