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Latest Articles by Dennis Smith

Date Title Author
01/23/2018 The Show List is Smaller This Week Dennis Smith
01/16/2018 Show List Numbers Slightly Smaller This Week Dennis Smith
01/11/2018 Key Reversal Noted in Lean Hogs Yesterday on High Volume Dennis Smith
01/09/2018 Live Cattle and Lean Hogs Go Their Separate Ways Dennis Smith
01/05/2018 Soybean Meal Testing Support And Likely to Hold Dennis Smith
01/04/2018 Major Storm along Eastern Seaboard Should Disrupt Meat Demand Dennis Smith
12/28/2017 Open Interest Rises in Every Hog Contract Dennis Smith
12/21/2017 Volume in Hog Puts Nearly Five Times That of Calls Dennis Smith
12/19/2017 Sources Indicate Pork Packers are Booked for the Week Dennis Smith
12/14/2017 Fundamentally, Nothing Positive to Report in Live Cattle Dennis Smith
12/12/2017 Hams and Bellies Showing Signs of a Top Dennis Smith
12/07/2017 Weekly Pork Export Sales Were Huge; Beef Awful Dennis Smith
12/05/2017 Fund Liquidation a Factor in LC Trade Dennis Smith
12/01/2017 Corn Prices; Hope is a Dangerous Thing Dennis Smith
11/30/2017 Choice Beef Ribs Likely Topped Yesterday Dennis Smith
11/28/2017 Japan Increases Tariff on U.S. Beef Imports Dennis Smith
11/16/2017 Lean Hogs Poised for Further Upside Correction Dennis Smith
11/14/2017 Surge Upward in LC Open Interest Continued Monday Dennis Smith
11/09/2017 Weekly Pork Export Sales Awful, Down 56 Percent Dennis Smith
11/07/2017 Open Interest Slightly Lower in Hogs, Still Rising in LC Dennis Smith
10/26/2017 Most Hog Contracts at Contract Highs: Will They Hold? Dennis Smith
10/24/2017 Active Trade in Hog Puts Noted on Yesterday Reversal Dennis Smith
10/19/2017 Weekly Pork Export Sales were Awful, Down 51 percent From 4-Week Average Dennis Smith
10/17/2017 Upside Breakout in December Lean Hogs? Dennis Smith
10/13/2017 Are The Lows For Soybean Prices in Place? Dennis Smith
10/12/2017 Large Volume Trade Noted Yesterday in Hog Puts Dennis Smith
10/10/2017 Cattle Show List Slightly Smaller Dennis Smith
10/05/2017 Relief Rally in Hogs a Hedging Opportunity Dennis Smith
09/26/2017 Looking for a Test of Support Today in LC Dennis Smith
09/21/2017 Daily Volume Surges Higher in Feeders Dennis Smith
09/19/2017 Bellies Are Being Placed into the Freezer at Breakneck Pace Dennis Smith
09/14/2017 Live Cattle Futures Anticipating a Higher Cash Trade Dennis Smith
09/12/2017 Weekly Cattle and Hog Slaughter Expected to Be Huge Dennis Smith
09/07/2017 Soybean Hedges Are Recommended Ahead of USDA Report Dennis Smith
08/22/2017 The Knife Fight Continues in Live Cattle Futures Dennis Smith
08/17/2017 How Much Lower For Corn Prices? Dennis Smith
08/17/2017 Beef Export Sales Poor But Shipments Good Dennis Smith
08/15/2017 Funds Continue to Liquidate Long Positions in LC Dennis Smith
08/10/2017 Long Liquidation Remains Key Feature in Live Cattle Dennis Smith
08/08/2017 Rising Open Interest in Lean Hogs a Bullish Technical Sign Dennis Smith

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