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Latest Articles by Dennis Smith

Date Title Author
07/17/2018 The Aug/Oct LC Bull Spread Performing Strong Dennis Smith
07/05/2018 Most Are Expecting a Higher Cash Steer Trade Dennis Smith
07/03/2018 High Volume Affair in LC and LH With Open Interest Rising Dennis Smith
06/28/2018 Cash Steer Trade Defined At Lower Prices Dennis Smith
06/26/2018 July Hogs Appear to be Undervalued Dennis Smith
06/21/2018 Weekly Pork Export Sales Struggling Dennis Smith
06/19/2018 Light Volume Rally in LC Futures on Monday Dennis Smith
06/07/2018 Weekly Meat Exports Poor, Monthly Exports Excellent Dennis Smith
06/05/2018 Mexico Slaps Tariff on Pig Feet Dennis Smith
05/29/2018 Still No Confirmation on Cash Steer Trade From Friday Dennis Smith
05/22/2018 Seasonal Low in Lean Hog Futures Dennis Smith
05/17/2018 New Shorts Entering the Live Cattle Market Dennis Smith
05/15/2018 Live Cattle Path of Least Resistance is Downward Dennis Smith
05/10/2018 Huge Volume Session Wednesday in Both LC and LH Dennis Smith
05/08/2018 Another Huge Cattle Slaughter Coming Down the Pipe Dennis Smith
05/01/2018 Bullish And Bearish Traders Finding Reasons to Position in Hogs Dennis Smith
04/26/2018 Weekly Pork Export Sales Were Outstanding Dennis Smith
04/24/2018 Ten Deliveries Posted Against the Apr LC Dennis Smith
04/19/2018 Weekly Beef Export Sales Strong, Up 18 Percent Dennis Smith
04/17/2018 Out-front Boxed Beef Sales Continue to Soar Dennis Smith
04/12/2018 Weekly Beef Export Sales were Outstanding Dennis Smith
04/10/2018 Progress on NAFTA trumps the Chinese Pork Tariff Dennis Smith
04/03/2018 White House Sources Indicate a Prelim NAFTA Deal At Hand Dennis Smith
03/29/2018 Key Reversals Scored in Summer Hog Contracts Dennis Smith
03/27/2018 LC Path of Least Resistance Remains Downward Dennis Smith
03/22/2018 Massive Change of Ownership Noted in LC Futures Dennis Smith
03/20/2018 In Live Cattle the Cart is Ahead of the Horse Dennis Smith
03/15/2018 Yesterday was a Failure in the Live Cattle Futures Market Dennis Smith
03/13/2018 The Show List is Larger This Week Dennis Smith
03/08/2018 Lean Hog Futures Volume Surged Higher Dennis Smith
03/01/2018 Major Spike in Lean Hog Futures Volume Dennis Smith
02/27/2018 A Few Cattle Trade at Steady Monday Dennis Smith
02/15/2018 Waiting, Still Waiting for Cash Steer Trade to Develop Dennis Smith
02/13/2018 Volume in Hogs Larger Than Volume in Cattle Dennis Smith
02/08/2018 Cattle Traders Still Waiting for Cash Trade Dennis Smith
02/06/2018 Livestock Futures Should Be Able to Shake Off Stock Volatility Dennis Smith
02/01/2018 Lean Hog Open Interest Declining on Lower Trade Dennis Smith
01/30/2018 Inside Day in April Hogs; What Does it Mean? Dennis Smith
01/25/2018 Open Interest Pouring into Live Cattle Again! Dennis Smith
01/23/2018 The Show List is Smaller This Week Dennis Smith

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