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STUCK IN A RUT: I cannot recall a time when so many markets have been stuck in ranges for so long. Now and then youll see that in a market but currently, of the markets I follow, approximately ten are. Thats a lot. And that doesnt include the currencies another four. And in most cases the consolidation started in early April. And what makes it more difficult is that many days they get themselves stuck in even more narrow ranges within that larger range and just sit there all day long. To point out the culprits:

In the meat complex, cattle and feeders since early April.

In the grain complex, corn, beans and meal since late April.

In the softs complex, cotton since early April, cocoa since mid-April.

In the energies, crude since late April but then broke out to the upside yesterday.

In the interest rates, bonds and notes have been the biggest offenders having been stuck in narrow ranges since late March.

I refer to them as culprits but in reality, as boring as it is, its a good thing for one reason. A market consolidates for one reason only to build the momentum to start a major move. Since these consolidations are being formed from low levels to begin with, the probabilities are that the breakout will be to the upside to begin potentially bull moves.

To start feeders finally broke out to the upside today. That increases the likelihood well eventually see the same in the other markets and some good moves to follow.

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Judy Crawford

Senior Broker

Zaner Group


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Trading is not easy. The two major comments I hear from traders is the lack of basic information from their broker to help them trade and that their broker does not spend enough time with them. In my thirty years of working with traders, I have seen all the common patterns that lead to trading failure. So my goal is to help my clients understand what they are doing, give them the information they need and the time they require. Even experienced traders need this. My strongest asset to you is my willingness to help and my experience.

If you do not have time to follow the markets, I do that for you too. My free Market Update gives trading suggestions as well as the technical reasons why. Emailed for timely receipt, you know what is going on while I do the work for you. By becoming my client, you will soon enjoy the convenience and continuity of service that every trader deserves. Join me today!

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BACKGROUND ... Thirty years experience as a commodity broker has given me an insight into the needs of traders that only comes with experience. Originally from Minnesota, I started my career as a stockbroker in New York but moved to Chicago, the center for the commodity industry. I have found that no matter where a client lives in the world, all traders have the same needs.

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