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Gold Heading to 1,360 and could see 1,380.

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Back on Sept 8, 2017 the USD hit a low of 90.680 and on the same day Gold hit a high of 1356.8. As the USD has been dropping I said a break and close above 1320 in gold puts 1360 back in play. With the USD hitting support earlier this year at 91.500 that is the number I was watching for a break below to test 91.000 again. And and not only a drop below 91.500 but a test and break below 91.000. And with that gold is at 1337.7 heading for 1340.

Looking at the charts below you can see when trades were recommended at Trends in Futures using my Common Sense Trading strategy (the only one I use for all markets and market conditions). The SSTP in the USD was hit on Dec 20 the BSTP in gold was hit the next day on Dec 21.

On the weekly chart below you can see a strong bullish posture back in Sept 2017 that actually began in July. (Time to catch the ride). Gold rose from 1220 all the way up to 1360. Today we see in Dec big money strengthening a bllish posture and once again a ride up. Funny how that works. If this continues week after week 1360, and even 1380 is next. If big money was not moving like you see gold (and all markets) would not have had a the sustained moves up you see. of course when big money moves from a bullish posture to bearish see the drops. To learn what Kevin "Mr. Wonderful" O'Leary says on shark Tank - "Show me how this makes me money"- download myfree e-book here on the COT. Read this it will be well worth your time.

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With over twenty-five years of trading experience, Gary managed Futures Learning Center (a division of Futures Magazine) from 1997 until 2006. For thirteen of those years he has helped thousands of retail traders learn to trade to win and stop trading not to lose. For the past 7 years he has written Futures Magazine's popular weekly e-newsletter Market Pulse, as well as articles for the magazine. He has also been quoted in the Wall Street Journal.  When Gary's group was sold to Commodity Research Bureau, he quickly realized the excellent stable of trading tools that CRB offered to traders.  One tool Gary focused on was the Electronic Futures Trend Analyzer (later called TrendTrader) because it provided specific trade recommendations.  Gary soon realized that when these trade recommendations were in agreement with his toolbox of trading indicators, including his analysis of the new Disaggregated Commitments of Traders report (COT), that these became high probability trades.  That is when was created. With Trends in Futures you get specific trade recommendations with instant access to daily and weekly charts Gary created to get proper chart confirmations. Gary also wanted to make this educational so traders learn to trade to win and stop trading not to lose. So you also will have access to Gary’s video commentary on the trades Trends in Futures recommends, and video commentary on current open trades plus educational videos. Gary feels that bringing together the best of CRB with his trading experience that they have created the best trading tool for consistently catching all of the major market moves year after year. See for yourself how www.TrendsinFutures can make you more profitable by taking a 30-day free trial. “I am dedicated to your trading success. Are you?”  Stop making your broker rich and take the 30-day free trial now!



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