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Assessing Social mood, Cattle breakout down?

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Macro Trading

Budget deal can turn immediately. I think you need to be ready with margin money ready to deploy at my olive extremes that present value while Im looking for at least 5x 'return on money risked (per bet expected return). I measure against margin money posted also which I look at a little differently.

This is only way I find to trade high frequency idio-sas price environment behavior controlled action.
Related contracts, spreads go opposite directions! USDA report Thursday, beware. Will a bullish bean report be sold into? Bean wheat ratio spread at $1.47 over folks, was about $2.00 under not long ago. Spreads are how they waterboard the naked long and shorts in my opinion. When they turn, hang on to winner because it will turn into much bigger winner and fast has been demonstrated time and time again.

Clz17-CLZ18- case you n point,recent range minus $2.00 - plus $2.00 is or was a conservative way for non-traders to participate rather than get naked one way or other. Let me find the trades for you or ask for daily levels if thats your profile.

Fed FRB YIELD Curve narrowing. Does that make you nervous? 2-10s- now .67-.70 BP. Come on Ag bankers dont let those big city banksters slap you around and DO NOT SELL out too cheap. Life Ins. companies Buying farmland. Keep it. You always want to be an owner. Look at Soros and that gang caught short short short US stocks last year today! Think money creation my ranchers.

Speaking of Cattle my non livestock fundamental trader mind question today is this Argentina tied buying by an insider. Arg had little chaos playing out but at end. Did a buyer switch to USA beef? Didnt someone NY have something a while back.cattle110817

Yes this is teasing stimulation but I can put ideas your not capable of asking or visualizing the landscape backdrop. You want a broker that asks the right questions. Right? I got that back at Tudor. Dow high, no such thing pik on yesterdays my walsh post.

Also signup for my daily general voice recap of what extremes I casually see like beanoil now over 35.00 up from OLB buy and hold 32.32 posted 7 weeks ish ago. Outside up week as we speak but levels just above that may provide hooks.

Upcoming webinar next Wed.s on olive line and my technical analysis setups.

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If you liked my beanoil story you bought it OLB#1 32.32 (these have been holding at truns in host of items). When it hit macro event sell lines you can peel a few off but, looks and could be explosive, use stops. This is why today You never know how much winners are going to pay, now up respectable 300 points, small contract, $6 a tick, 10% move notional almost. That is what I strive to find for clients.

Oilshare has been covered for years to pros and came to 33.87 had two levels within 20 ticks on last 300 break against meal soybean meal. See chart on Walsh.


Specializing in providing timely technical advice to the AG business community. Contact me for a free outlook in your specific product.


Alan R. Palmer

Sr. Strategist

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Chicago, Illinois 60604

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Alan R. Palmer, Sr., is a successful independent trader and technical analyst specializing in agricultural, financial and stock index futures. He has worked primarily in the markets traded on the CME Group.

Alan started trading at the Chicago Board of Trade in 1986 in the 30-year U.S. Treasury bond pit as a local. In 1987, he bought his full membership the day of the historic crash and moved back to his passion, trading soybeans, and grains along with bonds and stocks. Moving from pit to pit as market indicators dictated, Alan used his charting calculations to spot pivotal points as markets crossed ‘key levels.’ This acumen is Alan’s specialty and now he delivers this knowledge and experience to his customer base. He offers a macro thought process to viewing markets and players as they act with predictive behavior acumen.

He began his career in the futures industry as a summer runner while thirteen on the floor of the CBOT in 1973 delivering orders and learning the rudimentary workings of the markets. He graduated from runner to phone clerk, delivery clerk during the Hunt silver squeeze, working for various brokerage firms. After earning a Bachelor’s degree from DePaul University while working full time, he began a career as a proprietary trader with Paul Tudor Jones, a world-renown money manager, where he perfected his technical analytical techniques.

Alan has appeared on CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Bloomberg and Reuters newswires. He was the founder of, an independent research and charting web enterprise, based on time-tested, support and resistance calculations for predicting multi-market swings. Alan holds an undergraduate degree in Business Finance Administration from DePaul University in Chicago.

Contact Alan:
Phone: 312.957.8248 or 888.391.7894

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