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Lumber Cattle same pattern

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Dec Cattle- this am we had an OLS play right up at limit. If you were a pit trader and came in flat tis would have been a sell at limit early and put in a buy stop back at limit up. This is a spec algo trade and we could break hard today like yesterday. Someone blew out big if looking at my volume indicator. Is this a top? Dont know but this is a trade where you sell 127.15 with a limit up stop. That is risky but so far the high and can we break 500? I think this is a setup. I surely think we can trade settlement or break 300 but under that, sure we could go limit down, 15% change is guess.

BeanWheat hit $1.47 over and nov beans again at 989.25 was good sell pivot that has been talked about for months on

Cattle limit up short?h

Lumber is live so watch very closely. I would not lift short hedges at my level, 435-445 range today. Lumber had same formation the live cattle did yesterday. Weird but lets see how this plays. Plenty of lumber in this country is what I hear but you know what we do with fundamentals? Throw em right out the window but Cattle may have had something have happened. Most probabaly a big short covered at this tiny OLS 127.35-ish.

DECDEC corn if playing condition present, -44c-ish and I call this live.

Host of other mkts, ethanol, same pattern at an olive now 1.42 up 2% fast. I like to shop value plays in leverage commodities for clients that want to shoot decent with tight stops accurately placed.

SellbeanWheat 147

Watch beginning on Month rules if looking for turns is what I think.

Many markets surprise at extremes if you know how to decipher. Bearish condition now is opposite because they happen differently but broadcast to me. Let's talk for 3 min.s, your market, no spreads.

SellbeanWheat 147SellbeanWheat 147

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Alan started trading at the Chicago Board of Trade in 1986 in the 30-year U.S. Treasury bond pit as a local. In 1987, he bought his full membership the day of the historic crash and moved back to his passion, trading soybeans, and grains along with bonds and stocks. Moving from pit to pit as market indicators dictated, Alan used his charting calculations to spot pivotal points as markets crossed ‘key levels.’ This acumen is Alan’s specialty and now he delivers this knowledge and experience to his customer base. He offers a macro thought process to viewing markets and players as they act with predictive behavior acumen.

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Alan has appeared on CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Bloomberg and Reuters newswires. He was the founder of, an independent research and charting web enterprise, based on time-tested, support and resistance calculations for predicting multi-market swings. Alan holds an undergraduate degree in Business Finance Administration from DePaul University in Chicago.

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