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Hello All:

We have been waiting for confirmation of a BOTTOM in Gold now for a few weeks. It is showing solid double bottom formation in Both Silver and Gold along with Double Top in the USD. Congress wants to throw out some possible hope that Tax Reform will happen but the realists out there like me know that Trump and Congress will probably be nowhere close to making the common American's life any better. Sorry to say, but that is reality. Just looks at the track record of accomplishments this year! ZERO!

No matter what positive spin the Trump administration can put on this economy, it is faltering. From the 2 disastrous hurricanes in the South to the large fires in California, GDP is being eroded little by little in the big economies of this country. Costs & Spending are rising, clearly if you pay attention to insurance premiums recently. Taxes are not going down and the RINO that Trump is only means that spending will continue ad infinitum, which means $ 20 trillion debt will not be tackled one bit. It is sad to see a Conservative majority in Sentate/ Congress be so absolutely useless and powerless in curbing spending, which really is the biggest problem the U.S. has. It is not growth. Growth is okay. Inflation is low according to official states, so why is the U.S. losing out in the world?

CLEARLY PUT, Regulations are the biggest evil that this economy has right now. A Self-employed person with perfect credit score, with enough deposit down and able to make regular monthly mortage payments does NOT qualify for a mortgage right now because of the restrictions that the government has put on banks since the recession in 2008-09. It doesn't matter if you are good credit risk or not, if you are self-employed, which more and more people in this country are becoming, you don't qualify for mortgages. It doesn't matter that if you are W-2 employee you can be hired and fired within a span of 2 weeks, the banks will treat better than one entrepeneur out there who has his own business and makes money on his own, paying all his taxes properly. It doesn't matter. But is Trump & Congress going to change this ? I haven't heard Trump talking about changing Dodd-Frank in months. It's basically a none issue since the Democrats essentially control Congress since Republicans are inept and divided.

The Idea behind this article is GOLD IS GOING HIGHER. WAY HIGHER up to 1400 etc. The USD will collapse into the next 2-3 months unfortunately and we will see a rebound and resurgence in the commodities business like you can't even imagine. If you want more details, call or email me.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Best Regards

Edgard Cabanillas

Alpine Trading LLC

Tel: + 1 949 357 4948


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Edgard Cabanillas

Edgard Cabanillas brings 22 years of commodities trading experience to his everyday work in the futures and cash businesses that he develops.

Starting in 1994, he began his trading career with a major grain exporting company until 2001. Subsequently, he started brokering cash grain and other ag markets in the U.S.and overseas. At the time, he focused on cash grain trading in wheat, corn, and soybean complex and futures spread trading. Since his start as a Series 3 broker in January 2010, Mr. Cabanillas has incorporated his passion for spread trading in the grain and ag markets into other futures markets such as the energies complex and soft commodities markets. With a view to risk and diversification, he offers his clients overall risk and portfolio management that can help guide their investment interests.

You can reach him via phone at 949-357-4948 or via email at

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