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USD/JPY Elliott Wave Analysis 3rd October 2017

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USD/JPY Elliott Wave Analysis by

USD/JPY Elliott Wave Analysis in 15 Minutes chart

Bearish trend is present in USD/JPY currency pair, 15 minutes chart. As I have suggested few hours ago, during my daily Forex Live Trading Room session, the price of USD/JPY currency pair is going to drop now on a short-term basis to create a Bearish Impulse Wave A Elliott wave pattern and Spot Forex traders should consider taking a possible sell trading chance.

So, all those Forex traders who have followed my Elliott Wave Analysis have made the right decision as price has started the Bearish leg. Strong key resistance level is present at 113.18 price level which is the termination point of Bullish Zig Zag wave A, B and C pattern. In my opinion, price action in USD/JPY currency pair is in the process to complete Bearish Impulse Wave A Elliott wave pattern. So, I expect the market to first move up and then resume the down trend and falls towards 112.45 price area in coming trading hours.

Next, price action is most likely going to prints a bottom as well in coming trading hours after completing Bearish Impulse wave A pattern. As the trend is still Bearish, Forex traders should consider only short trades and no trade against the current USD/JPY Bearish trend as it is always easy to trade in the favour of market trend.

Currently, bearish wave A leg which is part of the Bearish Zig Zag Elliott wave pattern looks half finish. A good idea is to wait for the market to rise up more and then look for a possible sell trading chance to join the down trend.

However; if the price action in USD/JPY spot Forex pair breaks above 113.18 important resistance level then Bearish Elliott wave analysis will become in-valid. From this time forward, I may seize the opportunity to stay out of the market and re-assess the USD/JPY currency pair price movement in fifteen minutes chart. Forex traders who are interested to learn Trading with Elliott wave click here.

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Mr. Azeem is a pure technician and he solely employs technical market analysis in trading. He believes that the news is just the catalyst for technical events. In his opinion, prices are so far ahead of any news story as every conceivable fundamental possibility has already been discounted.

About Losing Trades:
I do lose trades, some times. So, losing trades do occur and it is the cost of doing the business over here. If I am in a losing trade then I usually try to close it as soon as possible and I do not marry my trades. Not to mention that I always trade with stop loss along with money management rules. I try to lose less and win more and that is why I keep making money in Forex trading.

About Winning Trades:
Winning trades do occur and I always wait with patience for a valid price pattern to develop on price charts. I usually do not trade with profit target or take profit. I let my profits run! I use different types of exit strategies (trailing stops) to pull maximum pips out of the market.

Mr. Muhammad Azeem
Certified Elliott Wave Analyst

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