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Hello All:
Apparently Managed Money is listening to this mere independent analyst and trader. While some of you have been trying to make $ 100 here and there in the grains, livestock and other dead markets, the precious metals markets are hitting it out of the park. Of course, you would know that if you are following my analysis. One Month ago, I told if you had any sense you would buy Gold & Silver while I started warning of the explosive nature of Silver & Gold in mid-July on this blog. If you were not a complete idiot, you listened! If you wish to doubt that I am for real unlike many unqualified and uninformed analysts on this blog and elsewhere, keep NOT listening to me and missing out!
If you are still not listening to me, then allow yourself to read the chart below from a very established analyst on the KITCO site-
If a trader can understand one simple thing is that when these two lines cross as
per above chart, then some major trend change occurs. This is based on GLD chart for
Gold ETF. So first target for Gold futures is 1375 based on July 2016 high! Of course
since trend is changing, the Gold market should be retrace from major downtrend
bear market and should trade as high as 1525 as first MAJOR TARGET FOR GOLD!
Silver's target will be at 21.00 DOLLARS! There you go somebody in this industry
had the *$%*(^ to call an actual short-term top to the market on the Gold & Silver markets.
You are WELCOME!
USD is weak for many reasons as I have been calling for 6 months now. Thank you
very much. So far, the only markets that have reacted have been the precious
metals, but others like coffee will start rallying, especially Soybeans since the Chinese
have strong crush margins and import statistics to back this claim! With A Strong
Euro right now, Coffee going into the strong import season will go higher! Coffee and
Soybeans have strong fundamentals to back up stronger prices, and we will see on WASDE's
report on September 12th 11:00 AM Chicago time that this will be supportive of soybeans
going forward.
FULL DISCLOSURE: I am personally long Gold, Silver and Coffee Futures, LONG ES puts and looking to getlong Soybeans futures and/or futures bullspreads!

Best Regards

Edgard Cabanillas

Alpine Trading LLC

Tel: + 1 949 357 4948


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About the author

Edgard Cabanillas

Edgard Cabanillas brings 22 years of commodities trading experience to his everyday work in the futures and cash businesses that he develops.

Starting in 1994, he began his trading career with a major grain exporting company until 2001. Subsequently, he started brokering cash grain and other ag markets in the U.S.and overseas. At the time, he focused on cash grain trading in wheat, corn, and soybean complex and futures spread trading. Since his start as a Series 3 broker in January 2010, Mr. Cabanillas has incorporated his passion for spread trading in the grain and ag markets into other futures markets such as the energies complex and soft commodities markets. With a view to risk and diversification, he offers his clients overall risk and portfolio management that can help guide their investment interests.

You can reach him via phone at 949-357-4948 or via email at

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