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Obvious Trade of the Day: Hurricane Irma Orange Juice

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Tuesday saw a five percent run up in Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice contracts following the build up of hurricane Irma into a class five monster over the long weekend. It looks like it will make landfall soon and the orange groves in Central Florida could take a pretty heavy hit. While FCOJ is primarily imported from points south (such as Brazil and Mexico) it acts as a substitute for the fresh OJ that Florida primarily produces when the price rises.

Those are the basic fundamentals. The technical picture is also outstanding with FCOJ prices trending down for most of the last year but setting up a line of accumulation over the past three months. Tuesday's action represents a clear breakout of that line and there is very little in the way of overhead resistance.

Use proper risk management and I think you could make some money here. If you don't know what that means and are curious, you could email me at

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