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Commodities Coming Alive Again!

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Hello All:

As much as I am certain that everyone loves the Fed for hijacking this currency of ours, the USD, and manipulating it to no end, it does not seem that their words mean much anymore. Draghi this morning in Europe called for good times in the Eurozone and assuredly after their successful paper printing, now their economy is on the way to recovery. Good for them as it seems somebody believes him as the USD/ EURO tumbles down.

I am probably one of the biggest USD bears you will ever meet and now if this nail on the coffin holds, we could see a reactivation of the DEAD asset class called commodities. We are at key support and there is no reason to believe it will hold now and then race to 92.00 and lower.

Why you may ask? Large commodities traders (energies and grains) are now trading in BITCOIN and that new volume will only increase over time. Brazil and China are now trading directly in their own currency. The Middle East is doing away with Petrodollar. This is the sign of the times. USD is losing its place as world reserve currency. Inflation of commodities is soon to come.

SILVER AND SUGAR are two of the most undervalued commodities. Sugar by far has taken a hit although USDA's last report shows us that it could possibly float higher. If you want to know details of my price targets, feel free to call me or email me.

Best Regards

Edgard Cabanillas

Alpine Trading LLC

Tel: + 1 949 357 4948


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Edgard Cabanillas

Edgard Cabanillas brings 22 years of commodities trading experience to his everyday work in the futures and cash businesses that he develops.

Starting in 1994, he began his trading career with a major grain exporting company until 2001. Subsequently, he started brokering cash grain and other ag markets in the U.S.and overseas. At the time, he focused on cash grain trading in wheat, corn, and soybean complex and futures spread trading. Since his start as a Series 3 broker in January 2010, Mr. Cabanillas has incorporated his passion for spread trading in the grain and ag markets into other futures markets such as the energies complex and soft commodities markets. With a view to risk and diversification, he offers his clients overall risk and portfolio management that can help guide their investment interests.

You can reach him via phone at 949-357-4948 or via email at

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