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Interview with Craig Smith Founder - Swiss America

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Put a "W" In Your Win Column w/ Swiss America!

Better Yet, How About 5?

The 5 W's of Swiss America (can be yours)

  • WHO: Swiss America Trading Corporation. A private firm of 75 strong, with 50 experienced account executives to serve you.
  • WHAT: Combined experience of over 500 years assisting our clients in building a strong portfolio of U.S. gold and silver coins.
  • WHEN: In 1982, Craig R. Smith (Founder and Chairman) started the company from the living room of his home with just $50.
  • WHERE: Located in Phoenix, Arizona. Clients worldwide, but primary focus is within the United States, working with Americans in all 50 states.
  • WHY: To educate and prepare you on how precious metals - in physical form - offer asset protection, security, profit potential, privacy of ownership and peace of mind to offset the liabilities of owning paper assets, particularly currencies like the U.S. dollar.

Join CFRN Founder DeWayne Reeves today 03/23/17 @ 12:30pm EDT for an interview w/ the outspoken, ever popular, Swiss America CEO - Craig Smith.

Be sure to check out the daily chart below of the US Dollar and listen to the recording of yesterday's (Wednesday 03/22/17) radio show on ourhighly rated Blogat Towards the end of the show I did a detailed technical analysis of the Dollar on a Daily Chart.

I'm not a prophet. I simply help you read and understand the chart while walking you through the FACTS: 2 obvious, high probability trade setups staring us in the face.

That's it, just the facts. Joe Friday would be proud. Since we're not Gamblers, we must wait for our proprietary confirmation required to take action. It's not important for the sake of the trade whether the Dollar rises or falls. Either way presents a substantial opportunity.

If you are new to trading Futures, talk to your Broker and make sure you understand the ramifications of holding a position beyond the current session. He or she, will let you know how many contracts you can safely trade based on your account size and it's equally important to know when you've reached your risk limit and gracefully exit the trade.

Never put yourself in a position where one trade can put you out of business. We shout it from the rooftops every single trading day, yet traders outside of the CFRN Community continue to let it happen. If you treat your Trading Business "like a business", the day will come when you walk into your bank and ask the teller for wiring instructions to move money from Chicago to your fair city.

Once the giggling subsides, as he, or she, sees you're not laughing, their demeanor will change from one of disbelief to one of sympathy."Oh I'm, sorry things didn't work out. You'll find something that suits you, don't you worry. You're smart and good looking..."Shut Up! (with Christian love of course - lol) It may take a while but they do have a manual back there that instructs them how to receive money from a Broker, not just send it. Seriously though...

This IS a BIG Deal!If you weren't there live today, watch the video. I pointed out the current 50% Daily Chart retracement of the US Dollar. Now if I can see it, Ray Charles could have seen it. From the largest hedge funds on Wall Street, to the Bookies in Vegas, everybody wants a piece of this move. We may consolidate for a minute, or a month, butAmove is coming.

We don't typically trade the Dollar, but we just might because of the potential magnitude of the move that could lie ahead. Will we treat it like every other trade? Maintain our definable edge? Use a Hard Stop? Of course! That's what separates us (and you) from the gambler. The odds must be in our favor or we don't take the trade.

Now a major move in the US Dollar (up or down), will most likely create a Gold move, in the opposite direction. We're more comfortable trading Gold anyway, as Michael almost always places a Gold Trade or 2 in our Live Emini Training Room each day.

Remember,today 03/22/17 @ 12:30pm EDTwe will be talking with Swiss America CEO @CraigR_Smith about his latest white paper"The War on Cash". There will be a brief Q&A Session as time permits. You will need to log in using the link below to see our charts and participate in the Q&A.

To access the Chat Box for questions, use this link to "Watch Live Now" and ask also to ask of any CFRN products or services signifies you have read and understand all CFTC Required Disclosures and CFRN Disclaimers

Craig has been featured in various print publications. These include: FOX News, CNN, CNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CBN, TBN, Time, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Newsweek.He is also often seen on Fox News with Neil Cavuto.

Tomorrow will be a big day in the CFRN Studios. Tune In, Turn On, Let's make some money!

See you there.


DeWayne Reeves
Founder - CFRN
Est. 2005

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DeWayne Reeves is the founder of CFRN and host of a popular radio program heard daily in over 20 countries. A former equities trader, he has focused primarily on the S&P 500 Emini Futures Market for the past 5 years. His insights and trading methodology are a blend of traditional technical analysis and the strategic use of proprietary indicators. He is the founding director of New Hope Orphanage and Primary School in Kampala Uganda East Africa which is home to over 800 orphans. Mr Reeves currently resides with his wife in Phoenix Az. where he actively trades his personal account.

Tune in M-F from 11am-1pm Eastern for market analysis, technical tips and lively discussion. CFRN /

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