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39 Mistakes traders make, plus causes, problems, and needs

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There are tons of mistakes traders make that cost both money, time, energy and self-esteem.
Cool thing is that it goes straight to your bottom line when you fix these issues!

Now when you look at this list, you'll find that there are a lot of mistakes, and only a handful of causes, each cause leading to one or more mistakes.

Read through the list, and see which pertain to you, then see which of the causes might be affecting your trading.

The Mistakes Traders Make That Bring Ruin

1. Under-estimating what it takes to be successful in trading

2. Over-estimating your abilities as a trader

3. Over-estimating your emotional control

4. Starting off un-educated, and thinking that you can “learn as you go”

5. Ignorance of how trading and the markets actually work

6. Treating trading like a hobby or sport, rather than as a business

7. Starting off under-capitalized

8. Using money that isn’t truly risk-capital

9. Over-confidence

10. Being in a hurry to make money, to hit the home run

11. Thinking too short term

12. Guessing at what the charts and patterns mean without 100% understanding, then acting on that guess

13. Trading without a plan

14. Having unrealistic expectations for trading

15. Over trading your account (both in size and frequency)

16. Not defining the trade your going to take

17. Not defining the risk / reward for each trade

18. Not using stops

19. Wanting to be right instead of making money

20. Listening to others (deviating from your methodology or system)

21. Trading the opinion of others (e.g. market direction)

22. Trading hunches

23. Trading markets that you don’t understand

24. Risking money on systems that you don’t fully understand

25. Trading only fundamental news without adequate analysis

26. Using too many oscillators or indicators

27. Not paying attention to previous market action, ignoring the history

28. Overspending on computers and software

29. Trading around the clock (another form of overtrading)

30. Having a fear of losing money

31. Lack of money management

32. Thinking that you can ‘beat the market’ if you just analyze it enough

33. Assuming that paper trading alone will successfully lead to profitable trading

34. Using the wrong methodology for your level of expertise or emotional style

35. Not understanding your own ‘emotional style’

36. Not asking questions to ask gain understanding when starting out.

37. Changing systems and markets frequently without ‘mastering’ any of them

38. Not documenting their trades, or at least inadequately so

39. Not reviewing trades after the fact to learn from one’s mistakes

The Causes

In the 10+ years I've been helping traders, I find that these 10 issues below are generally the causes of the mistakes.

These are based on my own observations, plus comments from my clients.
  1. Lack of structure
  2. Information overload
  3. Overwhelm (too many available choices on possible things to do)
  4. Not knowing what to do to get things working
  5. Lack of focus
  6. Wrong mindset
    1. Thinking like an "opportunity-seeker"
    2. Thinking short-term
  7. Denial and lack of self-awareness
  8. Lack of proper and complete training
  9. Lack of a plan
  10. Disorganization

The Resulting Problems

Now the problems they come to me for help with are also directly related to these causes.

  1. They feel overwhelmed
  2. Information overload
  3. Feeling very disorganized
  4. Making repeated mistakes
  5. Don't know what to focus on
  6. They're frustrated and getting really cynical
  7. They're tired of sabotaging themselves
  8. Their confidence is getting destroyed, and they're beginning to question if they'll ever make it, if anyone is making it
  9. They know they need help, but don't know who to trust
  10. They're really tired of the inconsistency, insecurity, and not knowing what tomorrow may bring

The Three Things You Need

Now I talk with quite a few traders, and I've found that you really only need a handful of things to eliminate these problems and bring about an entirely new and much better trading experience.
  1. Guidance from someone who fully understands the challenge you face and knows the process to get you where you want to be, so you're not left alone to deal with the avalanche of information, and trying to figure it out all on your own through trial and error

  2. Complete and proper training on all the functions and roles you have as a self-directed trader, everything you need to be fully self-sufficient and truly independent, so that you what to do, how to do it and do it well, and handle everything with confidence and ease, since your knowledge and skills exceed the difficulties

  3. A clear, proper and well-thought-through plan for your trading for the next 12 months, so that at any given time, you know what to focus your energies on and what NOT to, what to realistically expect from your trading, and you know precisely how your success will come to be and when

How To Make It Happen For YOU

You've personally got what it takes to make it as a trader.

You've just been operating at a disadvantage by NOT having complete and proper training for this occupation.

No wonder it's been so difficult and stressful!

The very first thing you must do is gain understanding of what's already happened to you, so you can be aware of it in the future and keep it from affecting you any more.

Then you need to understand how to 'undo' the damage, get things fixed and get yourself and your trading on the right path.

It's all laid out on this special page I created which explains everything.

Go here now and start the process right now.of getting your trading working the way you want and deserve!

Now in case you're concerned about the state of the economy, the stability of your job or anything else that has you hesitating to make this move, consider this, doesn't it only make sense then to do what you need to do to get your trading working right and performing the way you want, AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE, so that your concerns about the other stuff are taken care of?

Go here now

If you're concerned about having too much going on, then doesn't it only make sense to focus your efforts where it will make your time more efficient? That's one of the big benefits to this training: elimination of overwhelm because you get clear on where to focus and where you no longer need to even consider. This program SAVES you time and effort!

Go here now

If you're at all serious about being a successful trader, this is your chance to do it right with good help and a proven process to make it happen.

We'll see you on the inside!


Brian McAboy
Maker of Consistently Profitable Traders

P.S. If you want the fastest, most certain, lowest stress way to get your trading working the way you want, this is it. This approach has been proven to work again and again and it will work for you too.

It is essentially success in trading through intention and by design, and going about the matter in a very business-like, organized and calculated manner. Not guesswork, trial and error or hope.

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Make no mistake:  trading is a skill-based occupation, and until you equip yourself with the proper skill sets and know-how, your subconscious will continue to sabotage you and hold you back regardless of how 'disciplined' you try to be or how good of a system you have.

You have different roles and need very specific abilities to be a self-sufficient and truly independent trader.  Unfortunately, most traders and even most trader training programs miss critical factors that mean the difference between success and failure.
One example is how to get the most out of your trading system - in a business-like and calculated manner.

Brian McAboy is a trader, trading coach, and business consultant.  He is also a retired Mechanical Engineer and Certified Quality Engineer. His years of experience in Quality Assurance and Business Consulting allow him to provide truly unique and effective help to the traders of the world. 

The training programs created by Brian give you those missing pieces to this seemingly simple puzzle of trading, and in an easy to follow, step-by-step manner.  As described by one trader, "'s refreshing to find something online that's actually useful."
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