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Author Picture Platinum-Gold Selling Opportunities

by Blake Robben of Archer Financial Services

Platinum-gold spread tends to reflect the level of economic optimism, or economic fear in the U.S. (Read the full story)

Author Picture Will The Grain Rally Continue?

by Chris Lehner of Archer Financial Services

This past September was a highly unusual month because corn and soybeans kept on growing and continued to grow into October across much of the Midwest (Read the full story)

Author Picture Oct Live Cattle Goes Off at Noon - 500 Point Limit Today

by Dennis Smith of Archer Financial Services

OI in Oct fats is 317 cars on LTD. (Read the full story)

Author Picture Stock Index Futures Soar on Surprise Bank of Japan Stimulus

by Alan Bush of Archer Financial Services

December Dow futures advanced to new highs after the Bank of Japan in a surprise move added more liquidity to its banking system. (Read the full story)

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Author Picture What Is Higher and What Is Lower
the odds of inflation rearing its ugly head are..........

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Who dares enter the long side of the energy complex? Boo…. It’s...

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