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An independent mutual fund rating agency that tracks over 7,200 mutual funds. Of those, Morningstar publishes full-page research reports on 1,500. Morningstar's rating system calls for the awarding of between 1 (the lowest) and five (the highest) stars to a fund for its risk adjusted performance over a 3, 5, and 10-year period. Approximately 10% of the funds rated earn five stars. Star ratings are recalculated monthly.
Mortgage bond
A bond in which the issuer has granted the bondholders a lien against the pledged assets. Collateral trust bonds.
Mortgage pass-through security
Also called a passthrough, a security created when one or more mortgage holders form a collection (pool) of mortgages and sell shares or participation certificates in the pool.
Mortgage-backed securities
Securities backed by a pool of mortgage loans.
Most distant futures contract
When several futures contracts are considered, the contract settling last. Related: Nearby futures contract
Moving Averages
The moving average is probably the best known, and most versatile, technical indicator. A mathematical procedure in which the sum of a value plus a selected number of previous values are divided by the total number of values. Used to smooth or eliminate t he fluctuations in data and to assist in determining when to buy and sell.
Morgan Stanley Capital International, Inc. (MSCI) distributes index and company-level data and also licenses the MSCI indices to third parties for the purposes of creating Mutual Funds, listed and OTC derivatives, Exchange Traded Funds, research and proprietary products.
Multiperiod immunization
A portfolio strategy in which a portfolio is created that will be capable of satisfying more than one predetermined future liability regardless if interest rates change.
Multirule system
A technical trading strategy that combines mechanical rules, such as the CRISMA (cumulative volume, relative strength, moving average) Trading System of Pruitt and White.
Municipal Bond
A bond issued by a municipality to finance schools, highways, hospitals, airports, bridges, water and sewer works, and other public projects.
Mutual Fund
An open-end investment company that combines the money of thousands of people and invests it in a variety of securities in an effort to achieve a specific objective over time. Mutual funds offer the benefits of portfolio diversification (which provides greater safety and reduced volatility), professional management, and stand ready to buy back its shares at the current net asset value. Every fund's prospectus details information on the fund's objectives, fees, the management company, and more.
Mutual offset
A system, such as the arrangement between the CME and SIMEX, which allows trading positions established on one exchange to be offset or transferred on another exchange.
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