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Financial Market
An organized institutional structure or mechanism for creating and exchanging financial assets.
Financial Risk
The risk that the cash flow of an issuer will not be adequate to meet its financial obligations.
Financial Services Funds
A fund that invests primarily in the stocks of companies engaged in providing financial services, including banks, finance companies, insurance and securities or brokerage firms.
First Notice Day
The first day, varying by contracts and exchanges, on which notices of intent to deliver actual financial instruments or physical commodities against futures are authorized.
First-in First-out (FIFO)
A method of valuing the costs of goods sold that uses the cost of the oldest item in inventory first.
Five-year-Annualized Return
The average return each year over a five-year period. Takes into consideration the reinvestment of capital gains and dividends as well as price changes.
Fixed-income Equivalent
Also called a busted convertible, a convertible security that is trading like a straight security because the optioned common stock is trading low.
Fixed-income Instruments
Assets that pay a fixed-dollar amount, such as bonds and preferred stock.
Fixed-income Market
The market for trading bonds and preferred stock.
Fixed-rate Payer
In an interest rate swap the counterparty who pays a fixed rate, usually in exchange for a floating-rate payment.
Flattening of the Yield Curve
A change in the yield curve where the spread between the yield on a long-term and short-term Treasury has decreased. Compare steepening of the yield curve and butterfly shift.
Flexible Portfolio Funds
A fund that can invest in stocks, bonds and cash in whatever proportion the manager deems appropriate, providing the manager total flexibility to achieve maximum returns. Flexible portfolio funds are sometimes called asset allocation funds.
The number of company shares actually available for purchase by public on open markets.
Floating Rate Contract
A guaranteed investment contract where the crediting rate is tied to some variable ("floating") interest rate benchmark, such as a specific-maturity Treasury yield.
Floating Rate Payer
In an interest rate swap, the counterparty who pays a rate based on a reference rate, usually in exchange for a fixed-rate payment
Floor Broker
A member who is paid a fee for executing orders for clearing members of their customers. A floor broker executing customer orders must be licensed by the CFTC.
Floor Ticket
A summary of the information on an order ticket.
Floor Trader
A member who generally trades only for his own account, for an account controlled by him or who has such a trade made for him. Also referred to as a "local".
A variation in the market price of a security.
Foreign Market
Part of a nation's internal market, representing the mechanisms for issuing and trading securities of entities domiciled outside that nation. Compare external market and domestic market.
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