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Latest Softs Articles

Date Title Author
01/16/2019 Soybeans March 19' Cary Artac
01/16/2019 Softs Report 01/16/19 Jack Scoville
01/15/2019 Sugar Prices Hit A 2 Month High Michael Seery
01/15/2019 Softs Report 01/15/19 Jack Scoville
01/15/2019 The overnight session gets us going in the Cocoa market! Brian Cullen
01/14/2019 Softs Report 01/14/19 Jack Scoville
01/11/2019 Here Are My Coffee Thoughts Michael Seery
01/11/2019 Paragon Investments' Futures File: Cattle & Sugar Climbing Chris Haverkamp
01/11/2019 Market rankings for the option trader Brad King
01/11/2019 Softs Report 01/11/19 Jack Scoville
01/10/2019 Arabica Coffee (KC) Completes Weekly Chart Double Bottom Darren Chu, CFA
01/10/2019 Softs Report 01/10/19 Jack Scoville
01/09/2019 COFFEE gets us going in 2019! Brian Cullen
01/08/2019 Here Is My Coffee Recommendation Michael Seery
01/08/2019 Softs Report 01/08/19 Jack Scoville
01/07/2019 Coffee Chart Looks Interesting Michael Seery
01/07/2019 Softs Report 01/07/19 Jack Scoville
01/04/2019 Looking To Buy Coffee Michael Seery
01/04/2019 Trading Most Volatile Markets, NG shout Alan Palmer
01/04/2019 Softs Report 01/04/19 Jack Scoville
01/04/2019 MARCH COTTON OPTIONS Peter Ori
01/04/2019 Arabica Coffee (KC) Bounces Again Off Key 1.00 Level Darren Chu, CFA
01/03/2019 The coffee market has given back all of the October gains, but support and seasonals should be supportive. We like moderate risk option spreads. Carley Garner
01/03/2019 Softs Report 01/03/19 Jack Scoville
01/02/2019 Are Sugar Prices Going Lower ? Michael Seery
01/02/2019 Cocoa Option Strategy Peter Ori
01/02/2019 Softs Report 01/02/19 Jack Scoville
01/02/2019 Softs Report 12/31/18 Jack Scoville
12/31/2018 Cocoa (CC) Nearing 50% Fib Retrace of 5 Month Slide Darren Chu, CFA
12/28/2018 Softs Report 12/28/18 Jack Scoville
12/27/2018 MARKET UPDATE - GRAINS, MEATS, SOFTS Judy Crawford
12/27/2018 Softs Report 12/27/18 Jack Scoville
12/26/2018 Softs Report 12/26/18 Jack Scoville
12/26/2018 Cocoa (CC) Testing 38.2% Fib Retrace of May-Sep Fall Darren Chu, CFA
12/24/2018 Softs Report 12/24/18 Jack Scoville
12/21/2018 Softs Report 12/21/18 Jack Scoville
12/20/2018 Softs Report 12/20/18 Jack Scoville
12/20/2018 Cocoa (CC) Breaking 7 Month Downchannel Resistance Darren Chu, CFA
12/19/2018 Cocoa Prices Hit A 5 Week High Michael Seery
12/19/2018 Softs Report 12/19/18 Jack Scoville

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