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Latest Currencies Articles

Date Title Author
07/17/2018 Fed Chair Powell Testimony at 9:00 Alan Bush
07/17/2018 The Aug/Oct LC Bull Spread Performing Strong Dennis Smith
07/17/2018 Trading Divergences on Forex Markets Gail Mercer
07/17/2018 Mixed Earnings and Oil Decline; UK Jobs Data in Focus Jasper Lawler
07/16/2018 For the Pairs Trader Murali Sarma
07/16/2018 FX Rundown - Blue Line Futures Bill Baruch
07/16/2018 Crude Oil May Not Find Support Above $60 This Time Chris Vermeulen
07/16/2018 USD extends Friday's weakness following bullish reversals in EURUSD and GBPUSD. Upward revision to May US Retail Sales helping USD this morning. Traders eyeing Trump/Putin summit underway + Fed's Powell speech tomorrow. Erik Bregar
07/16/2018 GBPUSD: Bullish, Looks To Correct Further Higher Mohammed Isah
07/16/2018 S&P 500 Hits Five Month Highs Alan Bush
07/16/2018 Markets Brush Off Increasing Tensions Between US & EU Jasper Lawler
07/15/2018 AUDUSD Weekly MACD Green Line Flattening Darren Chu, CFA
07/15/2018 EURUSD: Faces Further Downside Pressure But With Caution Mohammed Isah
07/15/2018 Tradable Events this Week Bill Baruch
07/15/2018 COT Report: British pound remains out of favor Deb Shaw
07/14/2018 US Equities Set For Further Advances As Q2 Earnings Start Chris Vermeulen
07/14/2018 Are you a Currency Pairs Trader? Murali Sarma
07/13/2018 Corporate Earnings Mostly Better Alan Bush
07/13/2018 USDCNH gains & GBPUSD weakness leading USD gains overnight, but momentum waning. GBP lags after Trump interview with UK press. Erik Bregar
07/13/2018 Yen Volatility Could Take Center Stage Andrew Hecht
07/13/2018 Pound Drops as Softer Brexit Plans Make US Trade Deal Look Unlikely Jasper Lawler
07/12/2018 Elliott Wave Analysis: USDJPY Extending Higher As Impulse ElliottWave-Forecast
07/12/2018 Trading currencies to close out the week Bill Baruch
07/12/2018 Swift reversal lower in crude oil rescues USDCAD after hawkish rate hike from BoC. Broad USD rally ensues with USDJPY breakout/USDCNH strength leading. USD backing off this morning after in-line US CPI. Erik Bregar
07/12/2018 Subtle Shift in China's Trade Rhetoric? Alan Bush
07/12/2018 Crop Report Today. The Nemenoff Report 07/12/18 Marc Nemenoff
07/12/2018 Stock Markets Recover; Eyes To US Inflation Figures Jasper Lawler
07/12/2018 Temporary Recovery On USDCAD Points Lower Gregor Horvat
07/11/2018 AUDJPY Testing 50 Percent Fib Retrace of June Slide Darren Chu, CFA
07/11/2018 LOCAL TRADER - GOLD Daniel D. Burke
07/11/2018 FX Rundown - Blue Line Futures Bill Baruch
07/11/2018 EURJPY: Continues To Retain Upside Pressure Mohammed Isah
07/11/2018 Markets go risk off after US tariff list announcement on additional $200bln of Chinese imports. Erik Bregar
07/11/2018 Trade Worries, But Stock Index Futures Well Off of Lows Alan Bush
07/11/2018 Stocks Dive as US Ups the Stakes in The Trade War Jasper Lawler
07/10/2018 Trade War Back On Bill Baruch
07/10/2018 USDJPY: Remains On Corrective Recovery Offensive Mohammed Isah
07/10/2018 Stock Index Futures Higher Alan Bush
07/10/2018 UK cabinet resignations rattle GBP, igniting broad USD strength over last 24hrs. Weak European data today + bounce in USDCNH/sell off in gold spur more USD buying. Quiet calendar today with Bank of Canada tomorrow. Erik Bregar
07/10/2018 Scanning Forex for Upcoming Moves Gail Mercer

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