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Latest Q&A Articles

Date Title Author
01/18/2019 Midday Market Minute Bill Baruch
01/18/2019 Morning Express - Blue Line Futures Bill Baruch
01/18/2019 Supension of Disbelief Steve Bruce
01/18/2019 Follow through for grain markets? Oliver Sloup
01/18/2019 Patience and Faith Steve Bruce
01/17/2019 FX Rundown - Blue Line Express Bill Baruch
01/17/2019 Grain Spreads:Firm basis Amid Weather and Trade Rumors Sean Lusk
01/17/2019 Waking Up Steve Bruce
01/17/2019 Banks, OPEC+, Yuan - Blue Line Morning Express Bill Baruch
01/17/2019 Daily Grain Technicals & Fundamentals Oliver Sloup
01/17/2019 Another Day in Paradise Steve Bruce
01/16/2019 Livestock Report Ben DiCostanzo
01/16/2019 Midday Market Minute Bill Baruch
01/16/2019 Interesting Times Steve Bruce
01/16/2019 Trading the Noise - Blue Line Morning Express Bill Baruch
01/16/2019 More Selling to Come? Oliver Sloup
01/16/2019 Adjusting Steve Bruce
01/15/2019 Livestock Report Ben DiCostanzo
01/15/2019 FX Rundown - Blue Line Futures Bill Baruch
01/15/2019 Midday Market Minute Bill Baruch
01/15/2019 Imagine No Reports Steve Bruce
01/15/2019 Oops Steve Bruce
01/15/2019 Meeting Incentives Steve Bruce
01/15/2019 Today's Playbook - Blue Line Morning Express Bill Baruch
01/15/2019 Buy 1, Sell 1, Hold 1; corn, soybeans, wheat Oliver Sloup
01/15/2019 Being There Steve Bruce
01/14/2019 Are cattle set for new highs? Oliver Sloup
01/14/2019 FX Rundown - Blue Line Futures Bill Baruch
01/14/2019 Midday Market Minute Bill Baruch
01/14/2019 Trump Talks to AFB Soon Steve Bruce
01/14/2019 Morning Express - Blue Line Futures Bill Baruch
01/14/2019 Daily Grain Fundamental and Technical Outlook Oliver Sloup
01/14/2019 American Farm Bureau Watch Steve Bruce
01/13/2019 Tradable Events this Week Bill Baruch
01/13/2019 What's next for grain and livestock markets? Oliver Sloup
01/11/2019 Livestock Report Ben DiCostanzo
01/11/2019 Grain Spreads: Wheat/ Corn Snap Back Sean Lusk
01/11/2019 What Does An Inverted Market Mean ? Look At Palladium Michael Seery
01/11/2019 All is Well Steve Bruce

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