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Latest Softs Articles

Date Title Author
09/29/2017 Here Are My Cocoa Thoughts Michael Seery
09/29/2017 Morning Softs Report Jack Scoville
09/28/2017 Morning Softs. 09/28/17 Jack Scoville
09/27/2017 Cocoa Prices Up 44 Points Michael Seery
09/27/2017 Morning Softs. 09/27/17 Jack Scoville
09/26/2017 Morning Softs. 09/26/17 Jack Scoville
09/25/2017 Morning Softs. 09/25/17 Jack Scoville
09/25/2017 Wheat Prices Stuck in Neutral Phil McKnight
09/22/2017 Ag's and Meats heatup, Cotton Alan R. Palmer
09/21/2017 Morning Softs 09/21/17 Jack Scoville
09/21/2017 Way to Trade Thru Options Plays Leslie Burton
09/20/2017 Morning Softs 09/20/17 Jack Scoville
09/20/2017 The Cullen Outlook – Formation Finder (Cotton) Brian Cullen
09/19/2017 Morning Softs 09/19/17 Jack Scoville
09/19/2017 Morning Softs 09/18/17 Jack Scoville
09/18/2017 Coffee spread: next move Vittoria Onufrio
09/18/2017 Wheat: A Strong World Harvest Phil McKnight
09/17/2017 Sugar Prices Have Broken Out ! Michael Seery
09/15/2017 Paragon Investments' Futures File: Orange Juice, Corn & Oil Chris Haverkamp
09/14/2017 ARE YOU LISTENING? METALS HIGHER & USD LOWER! Edgard Cabanillas
09/14/2017 Looking To Buy Coffee Michael Seery
09/14/2017 Higher demand, lower production - the cocoa market has been waiting for this Peter Mooses
09/12/2017 MARKET UPDATE - GRAINS, MEATS, SOFTS Judy Crawford
09/12/2017 Market rankings for the option trader Brad King
09/12/2017 Morning Softs. 09/12/17 Jack Scoville
09/11/2017 Sugar Prices Look Strong Michael Seery
09/11/2017 Wheat: No News is Good News Phil McKnight
09/11/2017 Coffee Prices Up 4th Day In A Row Michael Seery
09/09/2017 ARE YOU LISTENING? METALS HIGHER!!! Edgard Cabanillas
09/08/2017 Morning Softs. 09/08/17 Jack Scoville
09/07/2017 Morning Softs. 09/07/17 Jack Scoville
09/06/2017 Cotton Spread Vittoria Onufrio
09/06/2017 Looking At A Bullish Trade In Sugar Michael Seery
09/06/2017 Morning Softs. 09/06/17 Jack Scoville
09/06/2017 Obvious Trade of the Day: Hurricane Irma Orange Juice David Batson
09/05/2017 Wheat Prices Looking for Direction Phil McKnight
09/05/2017 Morning Softs. 09/05/17 Jack Scoville
09/05/2017 Morning Softs. 09/01/17 Jack Scoville
09/05/2017 Cotton Higher 6th Day In A Row Michael Seery
09/01/2017 Paragon Investments' Futures File: Hurricane Harvey, Gasoline, Cotton & Gold Chris Haverkamp

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