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Latest Energies Articles

Date Title Author
01/02/2019 Natural Gas (NG) Back Towards 2018 Low, Key 3 Level Darren Chu, CFA
01/01/2019 WTI Crude and Natural Gas analysis for trading on Jan 2, 2019 Murali Sarma
01/01/2019 Commodities Playbook - Grains, Livestock, Metals, Energies Murali Sarma
12/31/2018 Today's Playbook - Blue Line Morning Express Bill Baruch
12/31/2018 A Critical Week for Crude Oil Bob Iaccino
12/31/2018 Happy New Year!!! Nick Mastrandrea
12/28/2018 Russia Blames Trump. The Energy Report 12/28/18 Phil Flynn
12/27/2018 Midday Market Minute Bill Baruch
12/27/2018 Trading the Noise - Blue Line Morning Express Bill Baruch
12/27/2018 You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet. The Energy Report 12/27/18 Phil Flynn
12/27/2018 Market Rebounds Nick Mastrandrea
12/26/2018 Oil: Impulsive Elliott Wave Structure In Play ElliottWave-Forecast
12/26/2018 Midday Market Minute Bill Baruch
12/26/2018 Today's Playbook - Blue Line Morning Express Bill Baruch
12/26/2018 Can’t Take It! The Energy Report 12/26/18 Phil Flynn
12/26/2018 While We Were Away... Nick Mastrandrea
12/24/2018 Storage Wars. The Energy Report 12/24/18 Phil Flynn
12/21/2018 Paragon Investments' Futures File: Cheese, Oil & Stocks Down Chris Haverkamp
12/21/2018 Twas was the Last Energy Report before Christmas. The Energy Report 12/21/18 Phil Flynn
12/21/2018 Today's Playbook - Blue Line Morning Express Bill Baruch
12/21/2018 Happy Holidays Nick Mastrandrea
12/21/2018 Oil Quotes Have Been Declining. A Few Trading Ideas Igor Afa
12/21/2018 TGPivots for the Day Session for Fri Dec 21,2018 Murali Sarma
12/21/2018 Analysis for Commodities for the Day Session on Fri Dec 21, 2018 Murali Sarma
12/20/2018 WTI Crude trade into the night session Murali Sarma
12/20/2018 The oil slide is starting to become unreasonable, we like selling put spreads against it. Carley Garner
12/20/2018 The Fed That Stole Christmas. The Energy Report 12/20/18 Phil Flynn
12/19/2018 Midday Market Minute Bill Baruch
12/19/2018 W/ full technicals - Blue Line Morning Express Bill Baruch
12/19/2018 Confidence No Confidence. The Energy Report 12/19/18 Phil Flynn
12/19/2018 The intraday traders playbook for this FOMC day Murali Sarma
12/19/2018 FOMC Day Nick Mastrandrea
12/18/2018 OIL Elliott Wave Analysis: Calling For More Weakness ElliottWave-Forecast
12/18/2018 Crude oil oversold, making a bounce likely Trading On The Mark
12/18/2018 Crude Oil Chart & Support and Resistance Levels 12.19.2018 Ilan-Levy Mayer
12/18/2018 Midday Market Minute Bill Baruch
12/18/2018 Is the bull market dead? - Blue Line Morning Express Bill Baruch
12/18/2018 Another Brick in The Wall. The Energy Report 12/18/18 Phil Flynn
12/18/2018 Weak Eco News Pushes Markets Lower Nick Mastrandrea
12/17/2018 Natural Gas Breaks Lower Chris Vermeulen

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