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Latest Currencies Articles

Date Title Author
11/26/2018 Better European Equity Markets Support U.S. Stock Index Futures Alan Bush
11/26/2018 USDJPY Threatens 113.62 Resistance Zone On Bull Pressure Mohammed Isah
11/26/2018 AUDJPY Forming Higher Nov High, Low vs Sep, Oct Darren Chu, CFA
11/25/2018 Tradable Events this Week Bill Baruch
11/25/2018 EURUSD Retains Bear Pressure, Eyes Located at 1.12700 Mohammed Isah
11/24/2018 EURGBP Remains Vulnerable Below Key Resistance At 0.8932 Mohammed Isah
11/23/2018 USDCHF Backs Off Lower Prices On Price Correction Mohammed Isah
11/23/2018 AUDUSD Trading Into A Bigger Correction; Support at 0.7163 - Elliott Wave Analysis Gregor Horvat
11/22/2018 EURUSD Bouncing Off Year Long Downtrend Support Darren Chu, CFA
11/22/2018 AUDUSD Broader Risk Remains Higher Towards 0.7337 Zone Mohammed Isah
11/22/2018 CADJPY Elliott Wave: Incomplete Sequence Calling Lower ElliottWave-Forecast
11/22/2018 CADJPY Elliott Wave: Incomplete Sequence Calling Lower ElliottWave-Forecast
11/21/2018 A More Optimistic Feeling about Trade Talks Alan Bush
11/21/2018 Live Cattle Reach Upside Objective. The Nemenoff Report 11/21/18 Marc Nemenoff
11/21/2018 Support and Resistance Price Levels for the Yen Pairs Gail Mercer
11/20/2018 GOLD: Turns Lower On Price Failure, Threatens Further Weakness Mohammed Isah
11/20/2018 Flight to Quality Flows Support Thirty Year Treasury Bond Futures Alan Bush
11/20/2018 GBPUSD Looks To Extend Corrective Recovery Strength Mohammed Isah
11/20/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: AUDUSD Update Gregor Horvat
11/19/2018 Elliott Wave analysis calling EURUSD to resume lower after Flat correction ElliottWave-Forecast
11/19/2018 FX Rundown - Blue Line Futures Bill Baruch
11/19/2018 EURJPY Threatens Further Bullishness On Recovery Higher Mohammed Isah
11/19/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: USDCAD In A Temporary Pullback; Be Aware of a Reversal Gregor Horvat
11/19/2018 Comments from Fed Officials Turning Less Hawkish Alan Bush
11/18/2018 EURUSD Sets Up To Strengthen Further Higher Mohammed Isah
11/18/2018 Tradable Events this Week Bill Baruch
11/18/2018 USDCHF Remains Weak And Vulnerable On Price Sell Off Mohammed Isah
11/17/2018 The 21st Money Weekly Newsletter The 21st Money Team
11/16/2018 Daily Technical Spotlight - December U.S. Treasury Bonds Rosenthal Collins Group
11/16/2018 Elliott wave Analysis: USDCAD Update Gregor Horvat
11/16/2018 GBPJPY Retains BearGBPJPY Retains Bearish Pressure Towards 144.25 Support Mohammed Isah
11/16/2018 Rates Promise More Volatility In The Dollar Andrew Hecht
11/15/2018 Currency Playbook - Blue Line FX Rundown Bill Baruch
11/15/2018 Daily Technical Spotlight - December Euro Currency Rosenthal Collins Group
11/15/2018 EURGBP Sees Bullish Rally, Eyes Further Upside Pressure Mohammed Isah
11/15/2018 Brexit Problems. The Nemenoff Report 11/15/18 Marc Nemenoff
11/15/2018 Currencies including USDJPY USDCAD and EURUSD Murali Sarma
11/15/2018 USDMXN Can Undergo A Bearish Reversal - Elliott wave Analysis Gregor Horvat
11/14/2018 Elliott Wave Analysis: How Much Further Can Oil Drop? ElliottWave-Forecast
11/14/2018 FX Rundown - Blue Line Express Bill Baruch

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