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by Judy Crawford of Zaner

HAS THE AUSSIE TOPPED OUT AGAIN?   Since the January 24 low, the aussie has been in a strong rally.  It has had some minor corrections but held to support during all selloffs on the daily chart.  That changed this week................ (Read the full story)


by Judy Crawford of Zaner

WHEAT AT A BOTTOM?   Since the March 20 high, wheat had established a near term downtrend on the daily chart but for the entire month of April, selloffs in July wheat ................ (Read the full story)

Author Picture What if Corn Lost Another Million Acres?

by Ted Seifried of Zaner

With late planting concerns hitting a fever pitch this week should the corn market be concerned... (Read the full story)

Author Picture Hog Futures Moving Higher, Taking out Resistance

by Dennis Smith of Archer Financial Services

Sharp increase in June hog OI on yesterday’s limit up performance. (Read the full story)

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